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You'd Better Call A Hubspot Specialist

Inbound Marketing HubSpot

Let’s face it, if you found out you need to have heart surgery, you wouldn’t say, “I think I’ll give this a go and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll go to a cardiologist.” There’s a great deal to be said about the division of labor. Some things are better left to individuals with specialized skills and knowledge. Inbound marketing is no exception.

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to call a Hubspot certified partner to manage your inbound marketing. Among them are the following:

Knowledge of Hubspot

Hubspot is an incredibly powerful tool. Like many tools, the vast majority of the folks that use it, only use a small percentage of its capabilities. To create a campaign without creating up nurture (drip marketing) workflows, is missing out on a great opportunity to turn suspects into sales prospects. The social capabilities of Hubspot are incredibly powerful and used correctly, they can have a great impact. They are, however, easy to misuse; which may make you and your company look cheap and spammy!

A Hubspot agency makes it their business to stay on top of the latest developments in Hubspot software and to learn and implement best practices.


In order to develop the level of talent needed to effectively run great Hubspot campaigns, you’d probably have to hire at least 4 people: A great writer, a graphic designer, a programmer and a social media expert. Even if you could afford to hire that many people and they had the requisite skills, they still wouldn’t work with the same efficiency as someone who works in Hubspot all day, everyday. Plus it’s remarkably rare to find individuals with these skills that also have deep expertise in marketing

Strategy…The Missing Piece

The other thing, which cannot be understated, is the importance of a cogent, comprehensive strategy. Tactics without strategy is a waste of time, effort and money. Utilizing a marketing firm that not only understands your market, but the possibilities that inbound can offer can provide a strategic advantage to your organization.

More Than Marketing

Inbound can be used incredibly effectively to drive sales leads and generate revenue, but it can also be used (creatively) to address other business issues (link to blog about It’s for more than sales). For example, did you know you can use inbound techniques to attract and retain employees? If your organization is challenged with finding the best people in your industry, you can draw them in by using inbound much the same way you do with sales prospects.

Once, I decided to save $200 by changing the sparkplugs in my wife’s car. I’d changed spark plugs in my lawnmower before. How hard could it be? It ended up being one of the most expensive mistakes I’ve ever made. A car is a valuable piece of machinery, but it’s far less valuable than your company’s brand and reputation; both of which can be damaged by doing inbound incorrectly. If you’re using Hubspot, get the most out of it! Use a specialist.

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