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Why You Should Include Pinterest in Your SEO and Social Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing

Pinterest is the third most popular social networking platform, falling behind Facebook and Twitter. It has surpassed LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Foursquare when it comes to traffic volume.

If you are a business owner and you haven't joined the pinning movement yet, it's about time that you consider including Pinterest n your brand's marketing promotion. Below are some other reasons why you should start pinning.

Pinterest = Simplicity

The concept behind Pinterest is simple. You simply pin images to your virtual pin boards, according to a particular theme or purpose. You can back each of your image with a click-through link, making it possible for other Pinterest members to click to your business's web page. You can also check, “like,” “repin,” or comment other people's boards and vice versa. It's that easy!

Pinterest is showing no signs of stopping

The overall volume of Pinterest users is continuously growing. Although women make up the largest demographic of Pinterest users, the demographic of male users is starting to grow as well.

With the momentum that Pinterest is showing, including it in your brand's marketing arsenal is a great way to draw a huge amount of traffic to your brand-building content.

Pinterest is sending valuable social link signals

Search Engine Watch did a study to know the impact of Pinterest on social link equity. The team used a domain that has no inbound links and registered a Pinterest account for it. They then pinned two recipes on Pinterest. In just the span of one week, the site generated over 150 links and have indexed 25 queries, which were tracked using Google webmaster tools.

In short, pinning can create a social buzz about your brand and can also increase the visibility of your website.

Pinterest pins can go viral

If you post creative and consistent images, as well as photos that appeal to the interest of your target market (and Pinterest-friendly as well) those visuals can easily go viral and can even be shared on other social networking platforms, including Facebook. As long as you stay focus on providing value to what people are seeing, there is a solid opportunity for you to convert click-throughs to new leads.

As social media continues to evolve, it is impossible to disregard the potentials that Pinterest can bring into your business's marketing mix. Although the site may not be for everyone, the thing is, if you are willing to get creative with the way you market your brand and the way you share your content, then including Pinterest in your SEO and social marketing strategy can go a long way for you to have access to a new set of potential customers.


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