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Why We Love "Work From Home Wednesdays"


From following us on Facebook (check out our instagram too!) and Twitter, I am sure by now you have gathered that here at Mojo we like to have fun (as well as donuts). The Mojo culture is conducive to transparency and integrity, hard work and laughter. That's why it’s so easy for us to come to work, knock out tasks and go home fulfilled of the job we’ve accomplished for the day.

Along with the major opportunity of working with some of the best people you’ll meet, our favorite perk is Work From Home Wednesday (WFHW), aka “Keep Your Human At Home Day”. 

The WFHW is exactly what it sounds like, all of the Mojo team working from home every Wednesday of the week.

Why is this so important to us?

I’ll let my teammates do the talking:

“My fiance makes me Wednesday Waffles!” - Morgan Haskins, Account Coordinator

“Youtube music videos playing on the surround sound in my office because nobody is home. Love it! #Workinghard” - Jason Pena, Digital Designer

“Sweatpants and coffee.” - Chandler Smith, Content Writer

“Hyper focused work time while my cat naps next to my laptop and listening to favorite music” - Volta Voloshin, Inbound Specialist

“Workout clothes, coffee, and kitty cuddles” - Michelle Diaz, Intern

“Working outside and getting some Vitamin D!” - Raleigh Seibel, Account Coordinator

“Quiet, focused work time and extra sleep since no commute!!!” - Bree Smith, Digital Designer

“Heads down work time in yoga pants while snuggling with my cat (as long as she doesn’t keep trying to walk on the keyboard)!” Jessica Mackman, Account Manager

“No commute and the option to work at a standing “desk” (or kitchen island…)” - Samantha Oscar, Inbound Specialist

“Yoga pants, no make-up, shower optional and spending the day heads down with my two sweet girls - Meggy (shih-tzu) and Lainey (maine coon cat).” - Nikole Rose, President


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