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Why Outsource for Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing

You have a marketing team, and you’ve decided to correlate inbound marketing strategies because you know it’s the most efficient way to reach your target audience and has a 62% lower cost-per-lead than outbound marketing.

Maybe you already have an inbound marketing strategy, so why outsource for inbound marketing services?

Chances are that your marketing team or individual is already loaded up with tasks and doesn't have the time or resources to do proper research.

Do your marketers have the expertise to write remarkable eBooks, blogs, newsletters and other creative content that will pull in leads? Do they have the large amount of dedicated time? Can they lead webinars and design persuasive email campaigns that boosts your ROI?

Chances are they haven’t had the chance to even touch the tip of the iceberg on some of these essential inbound marketing tools. If they have, do they have proficiency in analytics, and hours to dedicate to learning and retraining in a constantly evolving online environment? If not, you’re risking publishing content that is dead weight.

What You Already Know About Inbound Marketing

The term “keyword” is often tossed around a board of marketers. You’re threading keywords throughout your landing pages and blogs hoping, but not knowing, whether they’re being used by your target market and bringing in traffic to your webpage.

An inbound marketing agency such as Mojo makes it their business to know what your target market enters into search engines, and has access to the latest tools that analyze what’s bringing in leads, and what’s not.

If you’re like most businesses, you’re pounding out hour after hour in the office, and maybe even at home, researching the best keywords, social media content, blog topics, and strategies that will entice your target market to go to your webpage.

It’s DIY marketing, and the huge amount of dedicated time it requires can be killing your ROI and distracting you from optimizing the rest of your business.

Keeping Up

We live in a fast-paced technological world where programs and software are constantly changing and being upgraded. Innovation is at a break-neck speed. It seems that once you finally get a grasp on a concept and how to utilize a program, it’s already been rendered obsolete, and you have to start the learning process all over again.

At Mojo we dedicate a large portion of our work week to personal development, so that our team is constantly on the leading edge of technology. At least 5% of each Mojo employees’ time goes to learning, or personal development. That’s a minimum, and I’ll emphasize minimum, of two hours a week per employee that is allocated to keeping up with inbound marketing technology.

So no matter how often changes occur, we’re on top of it. And we’ve been doing this from day one.

If you've only recently got on board with inbound marketing strategies, you’re starting at a disadvantage. By the time you get a handle of the basics, the industry will have shifted considerably. Playing catch-up does not lead to ROI.

Inbound marketing tools include, but aren't limited to:

  • eBooks
  • Webinars
  • Blogs
  • Social Media content
  • Newsletters
  • eMail campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Call-to-Action development
  • Creative graphical design
  • SEO
  • Link Generation
  • Press Releases
  • Reputation Management

Sound overwhelming? That’s not even mentioning complicated analytics software like Google Analytics, HubSpot, and constantly-updating search algorithms that change the rules of the game every few months. Even if you’re familiar with inbound marketing tactics, the list of things to learn best practices for is long and tedious. You need to be on the forefront now.

So why outsource for inbound marketing? Because the revenue you’ll generate by having dedicated go-to experts investing their time and knowledge for you will more than compensate for agency services.

Your ROI will be through the roof, meaning not just better income, but lower cost per lead and per customer. That’s what agencies excel in. You can start generating that revenue immediately instead of waiting for your marketers to struggle with best practices.



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