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Why Inbound Marketers Should Care About Paid Advertising

Inbound Marketing

Facebook is no longer just the space to rant about the recent [insert topic of choice] events. Nay, Facebook has become a true media platform for us to share and follow updates on our most favorite things. I specifically left out “social” from Facebook’s description because it’s not hard to imagine that with our everyday dependency on smartphones, our society is moving more and more away from traditional media consumption like cable TV to modern habits, where you have the power to dictate what you consume and when you do it. (Also, who still has cable?) 

As Gary Vee famously put it during his Inbound 2016 keynote, the formerly “social” media platforms are turning into pure media companies. As your smart device is replacing your TV, so are apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and others replacing your TV channels. 

In the age of “Consumer Is King,” it is only natural that successful brands will be the ones that adapt to the shift from spending large budgets on TV advertising to purely going digital into the media platform world — such as Facebook Advertising. 

Inbound Marketing and Facebook Advertising: 

Wait, but doesn’t Facebook advertising (i.e. paid ads) contradict the very core of inbound marketing? Not really. If you think about the large customization available to select and build your audience (especially for Facebook ads) and that audience having control to basically give you instant feedback if your ad is great or bad, it’s not difficult to imagine that we now have our very own ideal buyer personas whom we can approach with highly targeted content.  

For inbound marketing, Facebook plays the role of lighting up another flame in the fire under a piece of content that is already resonating with the target audience. It provides a venue for amplification and a wider reach to find those elusive buyer personas. If your inbound marketing content is awesome, super valuable and targeted to your persona, having the avenue of Facebook Ads allows you to reach those people faster.  

We’ll get into the nitty-gritty audience targeting aspect in another post, but what I want to explain most is that: 

“Activity X Buyer Persona = Gold Mine,”  

as Mike Reynolds famously put it in his Inbound presentation. This means that you will find your marketing gold mine when you successfully attribute an activity (e.g. someone visiting a specific product page on your website) to your ideal buyer persona. 

Your Facebook Ad Isn’t A Billboard 

Gone are the days of finding success in shoving random content or advertisements into people’s minds. I repeat, if you are a smart business that wants to be sustainable, gone are the days of finding ROI in shoving random and useless ads to your audience. With Facebook’s ingrained social feature, users can easily react to your ad, leave a comment or hide you entirely if your ad isn’t relevant. So don’t treat your ad like a billboard, because unlike a crappy billboard that people can’t avoid but look, after enough negative experiences with your ad, it will simply not be showing anymore. 

Facebook Advertising is a powerful tool if used consciously with the needs and interests of the buyer persona in mind. And it can do wonders for your inbound marketing strategy, amplifying the best content to help you get discovered faster without interrupting the users with spammy advertisements. 

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