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Why You Will Need Help With Hubspot

Inbound Marketing

Sometimes HubSpot just doesn’t work. And that’s no surprise: HubSpot is a difficult tool to master. Not because of any flaw in the design in the software--HubSpot is one of the most user friendly management and analytics platforms on the planet, and HubSpot 3 only makes things better--but because inbound marketing represents a huge time investment you may not be equipped to meet. HubSpot is pricey software--if you’re going to commit, you need to push it to it’s limit.

If you aren’t seeing marketing results, ask yourself: are you squeezing every little bit of juice out of your HubSpot subscription? Are you committing to steady content creation, keyword analysis, email nurturing, CTA creation and optimization, and constant revision? If not, it doesn’t mean inbound doesn’t work, it means you’re not working inbound.

The fact is, Inbound agencies drive HubSpot to improvement, not the other way around. If you’re trying to keep up with HubSpot’s updates, you’re two steps behind.

A lot of small to medium business owners think they’ll see all the results of a case study if they purchase the software and try to run it themselves or hand it over to a sales employee, but it isn’t so. You need specialists running your online marketing, and if you have a small staff, you might not have the resources needed to keeping someone on payroll who only manages your inbound marketing. And if you try to run it yourself, you’ll have little time life to focus on the rest of your growing responsibilities.

Inbound Marketing 2014 Guide from Mojo Media Labs

We outlined some of this in Why Outsource for Inbound Marketing, but our point is this: If you’re experiencing poor marketing ROI with HubSpot, it’s probably because you don’t have the time needed to dedicate to thoroughly learning inbound marketing theory, mastering the constantly updating tools, generating a huge wealth of content, managing social media and email campaigns, and then revising everything again and again from the ground up to make it more effective.

Part of the problem is personal development. (And we would know! Our CEO wrote the book on personal development.) Since the software and the industry is always changing, keeping one or two people on top of the latest technology and marketing methodology is strenuous. One of the benefits of an inbound agency is that they have an ever growing bag of inbound tricks and are constantly looking for ways to revise the current theories. Here at Mojo we dedicate 10% of our time just to learning and relearning, watching the latest webinars, reading the latest articles, attending seminars, and then brainstorming ways to refine what’s already out there so that we can help drive a marketing ROI that is tied to business results, not just stay with the pack.

That’s the agency advantage. Aside from the dedicated creative, the copy, the strategy, what you’re really getting is the time and knowledge, which is the most important part of marketing online. You need marketing that will invest in you as much as you invest in it.

Just some food for thought.

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