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Why Agile Marketing Means More Money In Your Pocket

Inbound Marketing


Whether your company employs an outside marketing agency or does everything in-house, you’ve likely heard of the term “agile marketing” — if you haven’t, even more reason to read on! Implementing the scrum methodology through agile marketing is creating a buzz in the marketing world, and with good reason. If you’re wondering whether the conversations are something you should tune into, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want results in a shorter timeframe?
  • Are you looking for data-driven marketing efforts instead of subjective opinions?
  • Do you want marketing that moves the bottom line and turns profits quicker?

Answering “yes” to any of the above questions (though likely all of them) will point you in the direction of adopting agile marketing, giving you a competitive edge. This methodology involves:

  • Planning and executing marketing efforts in short time periods known as “sprints”
  • Executing brief daily stand-up meetings on progress statuses to identify and quickly overcome any obstacles
  • Performing a sprint retrospective to optimize the process moving forward

As discussed on Agile Marketing, “this process is iterative, allowing for short marketing experiments, frequent feedback and the ability to react to changing market conditions.”

Still unsure why this is important to you? Below you will find the top three reasons why adopting agile marketing helps make your marketing efforts (and business) more successful:

1. It lets everyone focus on moving the needle.

Agile marketing allows you to plan short sprints of work focusing the team’s efforts on only the top priorities and what will really move the needle towards your goals. Not only will everyone benefit from this level of prioritization and focus, agile also lets everyone adapt to change easily and often. This allows marketers to test, collect information and make data-driven decisions to deliver results. (Makes sense right? Stop doing what isn’t working and start doing more of what is!!) 

You don’t want to be nearing October and executing on a marketing plan put together in January. Things change and you need to adapt to them; data delivers the key information you need to make real-time decisions.

 2. It reduces unpredictable costs and delays.

Agile marketing means fast and productive marketing. With the daily 10 minute stand-ups and laser focus, you can get more done in a shorter amount of time, and when obstacles arise, teams are able to identify and resolve them more quickly.

The items included in the sprint are measured based on a points system of the estimated effort involved to complete the task, not the number of hours. If an important project comes up last minute, add it to the sprint and move out something less crucial that accounts for the same point value. Agile marketing is a flexible process that increases productivity through ownership and helps keep projects on budget and timeline.

3. It helps everyone understand what’s really going on.

Communication and collaboration is important in many facets of life, and marketing is no exception. With agile, the marketing team typically communicates daily with a brief stand-up meeting so everyone knows who’s working on what, the status of projects and any roadblocks. Marketing can then communicate with the rest of the business (i.e. sales) to help align efforts for maximum potential. Then the entire company (and end customer if applicable) has an understanding of what work is being done, when and why. Efforts can be prioritized openly and productively, with the full team’s buy-in, when full transparency is encouraged.

Agile marketing is all about smart marketing and only focusing on what delivers value to the end customer. Can you say the same about your current marketing efforts? It may be time to explore implementing agile marketing – either internally or working with an agency that has adopted this methodology – so you can reap the benefits and start seeing more profits.

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