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Why a Total Website Overhaul May Not be Necessary to Improve Your Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Website Design

Hi, I’m Craig, and I’m the newbie around here. If you come to our office and meet the staff, I’m the one with the blue suede shoes. Anyway, I come from a website development firm, and one of the questions companies struggle with is: Should we build a new site before we begin inbound marketing, or work with our current site? It’s an important question, because the goal of inbound is to drive the right prospects to your site and convert them with content and offers that are meaningful to them. If your site is bad, obviously that makes the goal harder to achieve.

Love The One You’re With

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What I’ve found is that in many cases the “bones”, or basic structure, of a company’s website is fine. Most websites these days are built with some kind of Content Management System so it makes it easier to modify page content and add graphics. It’s not that the website has to be completely redone, it’s that the whole strategy behind the site needs to be readdressed in order to make it what we call “a lead generation machine.”

Pathways & Personae

Multiple Paths

I saw this process first-hand when Mojo Media Labs recently started working with a company whose website was built by my previous firm. This company markets chemical solutions for labs and manufacturers. The site itself was good and had a robust eCommerce shopping cart included. What it lacked was a conversion path for those who weren’t yet ready to pull the trigger on a purchase. Mojo developed a strategy, identified buyer personas and has deployed several initial tactics:

    • Inserting meta description boxes into the site to improve organic rankings
    • Adding Calls-To-Action (CTAs), including a white paper offer and newsletter sign-up
    • Adding a blog with custom graphics and a CTA for each post
    • Adding landing pages

This has all been very recent, but we’ve already seen an increase in traffic and a good response to our white paper offer. So, bring us your humble website! We’ll give it a makeover that makes it work harder, establishing a positive user experience (UX) which drives conversions.

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