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Why 2016 Will Be MoJo's "Best Year Yet"

Inbound Marketing


Perhaps, just like many others I'm ready and re-charged to have my "Best Year Yet"! To get my "Best Year Yet" started, I changed up my hair, freshened up my wardrobe, created my resolutions and am ready to tackle what I know will be a tremendous 2016!

Here at Mojo, I'm near giddy with excitement of what 2016 will bring based on a lot of hard work and planning last year. It's an exciting time at Mojo and I thought I'd take this time to share some of the reasons for my optimism.


As a service based business, Mojo is only as good as the people who deliver that service. As we have matured as a business we've learned just how important hiring the right people truly is. Mojo has developed a strong, positive & genuine culture and we know how important it is that each person we bring on subscribes to the Mojo core values in order to protect and grow our great culture. These days, we take our time during the interview process to ensure we're adding great people who will make Mojo better. We're excited to announce our three latest additions to Mojo:
  • Bree Smith, Digital Designer: Bree is most definitely a talented designer but in addition, has such a positive, can-do attitude and is truly an amazing teammate. Bree's design style is sure to enhance the success of our clients programs. Bree is a shining example of what being a Mojoer is!
  • Julian Race, Account Manager: Julian's previous experience working both the client side as well as running a small digital agency for many years, working with clients of all sizes developing and executing smart digital strategies, is sure to bring a lot of value to Mojo and the clients lucky enough to work with Julian. Julian is a natural leader. He's someone that those on his team as well as his clients will be able to count on for sound advice and smart strategies. He's just the perfect mix between creative and analytical thinking.
  • Daniel Berry, Content Writer: Content is at the center of what we do at Mojo and producing great content that drives success for our clients is a tall order. Daniel is the perfect fit for the job. Daniel has achieved proven success with his previous writing roles and in addition Daniel is simply an achiever. Daniel's excellent research & interview skills, quick wit and talent for writing; combined with the alignment in core values is exactly what we were looking for.



Inbound Marketing is a very new field and there's been no playbook on how to deliver, as an agency, successful inbound programs. As one of the first Inbound Marketing agencies in the country and now with several years experience under our belt, we've really learned where to focus our efforts, how to set up our "pods" to deliver our inbound services... and how to set realistic expectations with our clients for success. Our foundation is strong and now we're simply getting stronger and better for our clients. Our efforts are paying off too - we anticipate being awarded a Platinum level partner with HubSpot in the first quarter of 2016; a big achievement that we're all excited and working towards at Mojo.


One of the attributes we look for in new clients is a positive culture. Culture is so important to us; we want to work with companies who have a positive culture for two main reasons. First, they are typically much easier to work with because they value partnerships and long-term relationships and secondly, they have great stories that we can tell during our inbound engagements.


Lastly the economic climate is positive and being in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we're particularly lucky. Business is good and the opportunities are vast. It's truly amazing how the start of a new year can really feel like new beginnings. We're looking forward to new beginnings; with new clients and new great employees, but we're just as excited to continue to develop and grow the relationships we value so much with our current clients and current employees. I'm thankful everyday for the blessings that we've been given and I'm excited to see the positive impact we can have this year!

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