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When One Teaches, Two Learn: The Rewards Of Interning At Mojo Media Labs

Inbound Marketing

One of the best ways to learn is through teaching others.  At Mojo, we have and want to continue fostering a learning environment.  This is why we're so passionate about having a strong internship program.  Our interns learn so much after just a few months at Mojo and our team members get stronger through teaching — not to mention that we always learn from our bright interns as well!

Recently, I was incredibly touched to receive the following email from a previous Mojo intern.  It's extremely gratifying to have had such an impact on the direction of a young person's future!  Here’s the email:

"It's been a little over two years since my time at Mojo Media Labs and I've caught myself reflecting on my time there quite a bit lately.  I just wanted to drop a message in your inMail and let y'all know how valuable the experience I gained while interning for Mojo during the summer of 2013 was.

The company I'm currently at has finally seen the light that is Inbound Marketing.  Over the past few weeks I have been talking to my coworkers about the value of inbound (and bragging about my training at Mojo), and I realized that I should share the gratitude with y'all as well.  The knowledge and training I gained at Mojo has truly set me apart from others in the beginning of my career, and I thank y'all for that.

The other standout quality of Mojo that I have found is missing in a lot of companies is the passion and dedication that you and Mike have for creating and instilling meaningful and empowering sense of culture within the company.  Now that I've been out in the work world for a couple of years I have come to realize the how special and unique the environment and experience I gained at Mojo Media Labs was for me during the most formative years of my career.

As marketers we're constantly striving to prove the ROI, and since marketing is as much science as it is art, it can be hard to quantify the results of some efforts.  I wanted to send this message as way to let y'all know that you're doing it right.  Your campaign for culture is worth the investment, at least in my book.  Mark me down as a delightfully converted customer to the world of inbound.  Years later I am still benefiting from and building on the principles I learned at Mojo... in other words, my ROI and ROE from the time I spent at Mojo Media Labs is still growing."

- Abby B.

Wow! This talented lady is now living out her professional dreams in California, working to spread her passion and expertise in Inbound Marketing and achieve greater success for her company.

The stories don't stop there. Plus, we've had the great pleasure of hiring many of our talented interns after they graduate.

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