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What's In Your Bag, Bryan Scott?

Inbound Marketing

Mojo’s goin’ on a field-trip to INBOUND13, so we thought it would fun to see what everyone decided to bring along with them. We’re dumping out bags and baring souls here, people. So get ready--it’s about to get weird! This week you’ll be virtually riffling through the contents of Bryan Scott’s bag. Enjoy.

Bag Contents

Tools of the Trade

Apple MacBook

13-Inch MacBook (Late-2008)

She’s an oldie, but she's still hobblin’ along like a champ! This computer has been a mainstay in my bag for several years now. A lot of people are trading in their clunkier MacBooks for the sleeker, much lighter, much more “practical” MacBook Air. Not this guy. Sure, the battery life stinks, and she’s still running 10.6.8. But I wouldn’t have her any other way, because tradition. Seriously, I love this computer.


iPad 3 w/Adonit Jot Pro Stylus

My iPad goes with me everywhere. I pretty much only use it for reading comics and screwing around on netflix. I also love sketching in Paper with the Adonit Jot Pro. At some point I was pretending to use it for note-taking. It would be nice to find a viable way to use the iPad as a laptop replacement, but I just can’t bring myself to see it as anything more than the expensive toy it truly is.


iPhone 5

My iPhone, which I love more than sweet life itself, never leaves my side. I lost my mind and switched to the Nexus 4 for awhile, and it nearly killed me. I’ll never leave you again, my precious. Never again.

Writing Implements

I LOVE notebooks and pens! I don’t know what my deal is. At one point I was carrying around 30 pens and 6 different notebooks in my bag at all times. Then I realized, NONSENSE! And have since narrowed it down to a Moleskine cahier and a small black Moleskine notebook.

Moleskin Notes

Moleskin Cahier

The cahier is a personal brain-dump for miscellaneous to-do’s and sketches/doodles. I bought a pack of ten on Amazon on sale a few months ago and they’re the perfect size and weight.

Black Moleskine Notebook

I use the black notebook purely as a GTD tool for work. Important dates, session notes, and campaign ideas all get filed away on its perfectly bound pages.

Sharpie Fine Tip Pens and Mechanical Pencil

My pen of choice right now is the fine tipped Sharpie in black, blue, red, and green. I’m a mind-mapper and compulsive doodler, so I like to have a pencil and a few colors to choose from.



Mojo Media Labs Noise Canceling Headphones

 I pretty much only use these when I need to drown everything else out. So, I’ll definitely be wearing them during all the breakout sessions at INBOUND13. I kid, I kid.

New Apple Earbuds

I freakin’ love these things! I hated the old earbuds, but these fit my ears perfectly. They’re my go-to headphones for casual listening.


Nerf Gun

Nerf Vortex, Proton (Single Action Disc Launcher)

You can never be too careful at Mojo. There’s no telling when there might be some creep lurking in the shadows, waiting to put a few well-placed Nerf rounds right between your naive little eyes. Sure, you were just minding your own dang business on your way to get some fresh coffee from the break room. But that doesn’t matter here. Nothing matters here. . .except SURVIVAL.
**Also good for hunting Gingers.


USB Drive

32/16GB Thumb Drives

I use Google Drive to store pretty much everything. I’m not sure why I still carry these. I have a bunch of stuff stored on them, but I can’t remember the last time I needed to plug one of these into anything. I have a problem.

Water Bottle

Eco Canteen

In case I get thirsty. . .

Superman cup  batman pez

Super Man Sippy Cup, and Batman PEZ Dispenser

Because snack time is still a thing, people.

Beer Can Funnel

Silver Bullet, Oil Funnel

I keep two things on my person. No. Matter. What. A can of Coors, and a yellow oil funnel. Nobody has the guts to ask me why.

What’s in your bag? Post your go-to gadgets and knick-knacks in the comments below. See you at #INBOUN13!

Bryan Scott

Bryan Scott is a digital marketing engineer and is the Senior Inbound Marketing Specialist at Mojo Media Labs, specializing in SEO and content marketing strategy for businesses both large and small. Bryan has used his talents to develop and implement email marketing strategies, curate and create content, inspire social media interaction, and manage multi-million dollar inbound/outbound marketing channels for companies like RackSpace, Apple, Inc., and PoolSupplyWorld.com.




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