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What Mobile and Email Marketing is Telling Us About Target Markets

Inbound Marketing

It’s something you see everyday: the luncheon where everyone’s phone is out on the table, the shopper who carries an iPad to search items before purchasing, the friend who sits through a movie answering emails via mobile. Whether it be on a smartphone or tablet, people are continuously using some type of platform. What does this mean for mobile and email marketing?

Mobile and Email Marketing Converge

Sources estimate that 40% of emails are opened on mobile devices. In fact, more people are opening emails on smartphones than on desktops. This is a dream come true for digital marketers because not only does this open a new realm of possibilities for mobile and email marketing, but paired with the right mobile marketing analytics can mean higher conversions and click-through rates.

Why Mobile Marketing Analytics is Crucial for Your Strategy

With the shift of emails from desktops to smartphones and tablets, it’d be waste to not utilize analytics to monitor your mobile and email marketing campaign. Mobile marketing analytics will give you the right information to target your audience in the right way at the right time. As a digital marketing agency, here are three top measurements we think you should be tracking in your mobile and email marketing strategy to guarantee you’re successfully engaging with your target audience.

  • Platform -

    First you need to be aware of what platforms your target audience is using. When it comes to mobile and email marketing, the “one-size-fits-all” approach to email design is no longer an option - at least not for those who want to see an increased ROI. Your developers need to create emails that are appropriate for the platforms emails are opened with. Your target audience isn’t going to engage with an email if it isn't compatible with their device.

  • Date and Time -

    Know not only the time of day your target audience opens emails, but when they’re most likely to engage with the offers attached in the email. Mobile marketing analytics will show you when your target audience is opening emails and clicking on offers. The products and services your company offers will be an influence on the time of day and week leads are opening and, most importantly, engaging with your emails. Your mobile and email marketing efforts are futile without monitoring this data.

  • Engagement -

    In order to nurture your target audience down the funnel, you want them to not only open the email but to accept your call to action. The type of device they’re opening emails with has a large influence on how they engage with offers, so make sure your developers add call to actions that the user will participate.

Mobile devices have dominated the way our society receives information. People are in constant contact with their devices, and as a digital marketing agency we’re taking full advantage of the potential in mobile and email marketing. Are you?


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