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What is Inbound Marketing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Inbound Marketing marketing

While we try not to use too much industry jargon, we are sometimes guilty of using unfamiliar terminology at SpinWeb when talking with clients. When describing what we do, we explain that we deliver corporate web solutions and inbound marketing.

Another way of saying it is that we create and maintain industry-leading corporate websites, deliver Strategya robust Content Management System, and help our clients maintain content. Then, we help turn their sales teams into superhero's by generating leads using SEO, social media, content strategies, email, and marketing intelligence.

We sometimes get the question: "What is inbound marketing?"

We explain that inbound marketing is the practice of earning attention (rather than buying it), and then creating a system to turn that attention into sales. However, sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words so we've put together a detailed infographic that explains the inbound marketing process. Enjoy!


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