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Valentine’s Day Fails: 3 Worst Personal Relationship Marketing Attempts

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We wanted to lighten things up for Valentine's day and show you some of the best and worst attempts at engagement proposals. I'm going to pretend that someone just asked me "But Scott, you're a marketing blogger. How will you make this relevant?". Don't worry, internet stranger, I've got you covered. In this blog post, we're going to analyze the personal sales strategies of these young romantics.

The Top 3 Worst Personal Relationship Marketing Attempts

1. "Food Court Proposal Gone Wrong" (2:13)



The Upsell- When you're attempting to upsell a client to a new package, you don't take them back to the conference center where you first exchanged business cards. This poor guy decided that the Cinnabon where he first met his girlfriend in the local mall would be the prime place to stage his proposal.

It's important to know your client's desires and needs. If you want to woo them, publicly embarrassing them with an off-key "Sweet Caroline" isn't going to seal the deal, no matter how tempting the offer. Pick the right setting, and prepare a solid pitch.

The Pitch- When you're designing a pitch for a client, keep your message focused and consider your audience. In this proposal fail, the guy didn't seem to realize that his potential fiancee didn't want the whole food court to know she "curls up next to [him] on the couch and purrs like a kitten". She didn't really seem to like that, oddly.

2. "Leap Year Marriage Proposal Fail" (2:50) [Some NFSW Language]

Timing- As any business strategist can tell you, timing is crucial when trying to close a sales lead. You can't structure sales around a specific timeline or date. It's a more organic process than that. When this charming, but arguably over-intrepid, girl decided to propose 2 weeks into the relationship (so their engagement would be on Feb 29th, of course) she made the mistake of putting too much pressure on her partner. Don't put your client in a compromising situation. Big decisions should be conducted after a lot of planning and some prior meetings where the client showed interest in the proposition.

Composure- So, your client doesn't want to upgrade. They like their current package with your company and don't want to spend more money, therefore they deny your pitch. Keep your composure. If you play your cards right, there will be another opportunity down the road.

3. "The Most Terrifying Proposal Ever" (:59)

Unique Can Be Good- For those of you who have a less traditional sales model, you might want to have a different technique when approaching clients. Sometimes, going out on a limb with a sales strategy can really pay off, particularly when you have a close relationship with the client. This guy went in both feet first and took the plunge, pulling off a terrifying yet endearing proposal.

Spice Up Your Presentation- Sometimes, it can feel like you're taking a leap of faith when meeting with a potential client. Having a unique presentation for standard material can really change the game. and if it doesn't work, always have a cushion to fall back on- sales stats and a focused message can keep the client in the room, even if they're shocked.

Bonus Analysis! "Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal" (5:53)

I thought I'd let you to stop uncomfortably squirming in your seat, and show how a proposal can be a complete success. It's obvious that Isaac had the right timing, had an amazing pitch, and had prepared his fiancee for the coming up-sell.

Exceed Their Expectations- You'd really have to love your client to take the steps this guy did. He outsourced his dancing, organized effective transportation, synced all the presentation files, and made sure his pitch delivered that knock-out blow in the ring. Normally, we don't recommend making your customer cry. But, when it's tears of joy, we wouldn't be above proposing the idea.


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