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Using Google Plus to Boost SEO: The Basics

Inbound Marketing

Google + Business is free to use and has a remarkable SEO impact. Take advantage of Google’s social networking site to add a boost to your SEO campaign. All you need is a Google account and a little time to set up Google page for your business.

Optimizing these basic areas should improve both your search engine ranking and the number of people who can easily find you on the web and in the physical world as well.

Optimize Your Google Plus Profile

When you set up your profile on Google Plus take full advantage of the ability to use keywords within files names, URLs, and image information. Once you have everything set up, be sure to verify your profile and page to legitimize your business to Google and to searchers.


When you select the images for your Google Plus profile picture and your Google Business page, use appropriate keywords in the image filename and in the caption field.

Website URL

Take care to enter your website URL correctly and that it takes users directly to your site or specialized landing page optimized for Google Plus traffic.

Google+ Custom URL

Google Plus recently provided customer URLs to replace the difficult to remember Google+ URLs full of numbers. If you are eligible you can obtain a custom URL for your profile or page. Be aware, however, that once the URL is set it cannot be changed. Be sure the URL is one you can live with.

Google Places

Google Places has recently been rolled into Google + Business. When you create your Google Page you can insert your business information which Google uses to show customers how to get to you. Your dashboard tool will also show you where your customers are coming from allowing you to optimize your local SEO efforts.

Other Chances for SEO

Within your profile are other fields where you can use keywords to good effect. There is a tagline that Google treats like a meta-tag. You also have the opportunity to write an introduction for yourself and your business where more keywords can be used.

Link Google Plus to Your Website

Linking your Google Plus page to your website is a relatively painless exercise. You can either go into the About section of your profile and select the field for linking a website or you can add a snippet of code to your website and list the site as your primary URL in your profile.

Add a +1 Button to Your Site

Google Plus, like any social network, runs on community sentiment. Where Facebook asks you to “like” people and pages Google provides a way for users to give your site, page, or post a +1 as a form of positive feedback.

Why add a +1 button? Google doesn’t confirm this but it looks as though the number of +1s directly impacts page rank. A study from Searchmetrics seems to confirm this suspicion, at least for now.

This overview just scratches the surface of how Google Plus provides SEO juice to your website and your social media marketing efforts. Additional SEO opportunities abound in shared links, blog posts, images, and other content you can add to your Google Plus page or as anchor text linking from your website.

Don’t waste this valuable opportunity to charge to the top of the SERPs. Take advantage of these easy to use tools as an essential part of your content marketing implementation.

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