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The Tricks and Treats of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

October hails fall in many parts of the world, but in Texas, where the weather is less compliant, is mostly just hails Halloween. Since we don’t have the weather to cheer our spirits here at Mojo, the team has instead decided to get our fall kicks in other ways. This has meant things like the Texas State Fair and football season, but it has also yielded to costume and décor discussions and whether we could get away with adding a black wall in the midst of our already orange ones. As we slowly begin to up our struggling autumnal cheer, a challenge also came along – “Wouldn’t it be neat if we could do a Halloween-themed inbound marketing post?” Never one to back down from a challenge, this is our attempt.

While we at Mojo have drunk the inbound marketing kool-aid, the inbound marketing field has been met with criticism and complaint in the past. The fact of it is really that inbound marketing is a complex field, involving intricate interactions between marketer and consumer. It also involves a lot of time. Inbound is a high investment method, but when done properly, it yields high results. These are what we believe are the tricks of running a successful inbound marketing campaign and the treats of getting right.

Trick #1: Understanding target buyers

HubSpot puts a strong emphasis on buyer personas in its inbound training, and they are certainly right to do so. A business thrives on what the customer/buyer wants or needs, and since inbound brings the buyers in rather than going out to find them, this needs to be as accurate as possible. When working on an inbound strategy, research is incredibly important to build the right content offers and goals. But with a lack of industry benchmarks and information widely available, there’s also a certain fear that the information gathered through a basic Google search might not yield the most accurate results. What’s a marketer to do? There’s a number of ways we can try to get around this information block. For one, interviewing and asking the client—sometimes people are hesitant to do this, but it is incredibly important for the success of a marketing campaign that we have expert information, and who better to get that from than someone in the business! Another option is to ask the client if they have prized customers you can interview. Direct from the source is the best way to get accurate information of what a potential customer wants and needs. Still worried your information isn’t enough? Find trusted industry resources! A magazine, a forum or any other publication commonly used by people in the industry. These are likely troves for industry relevant information, and can give good insight into industry trends to tap into.

Trick #2: Building content and authority

A lot of time issues in the launch of an inbound campaign are due to content production. Content is king and good content takes time. Content is also a never-ending cycle when you first get started with it. You build a long-form content offer (i.e. eBook or Case Study), but it doesn’t end there. You have to write landing page and thank you page copy, email copy, promotional copy, copy for associated blogs, and more long form content items with their associated pieces to move leads down the marketing funnel. Since most clients don’t have this content to begin with, this is being done from scratch. Once these offers are built and live, there’s also the issues associated with promotion strategy, SEO strategy and inbound links. All these things are not only steps to get that content seen, which can be an arduous process, but also steps to encourage people to come back for more content. The more people view, share and link your content, the more authority you have, which then improves your leads, but all of these things, again, take time.

Treat #1: Good content builds good presence and authority

Surprise! Our last trick is also a treat. Content is complex, but its also a vital key to success. The time taken to produce quality content benefits clients later on when they’re cited as an industry authority. Being an industry thought leader keeps the flow of marketing going. It keeps visitations high, keeps leads inbound, and keeps customers coming back. This is what success looks like, and inbound marketing can take you there.

Treat #2: Qualified leads ease the pressure on sales

Inbound marketing is a saving grace for sales teams everywhere. Gone are cold calls, unqualified leads and high pressure closes. The benefit of inbound marketing and its funnel is that the leads produces are highly qualified. Inbound programs and offers are tailored to produce leads in this manner, and list segmentation and lead scoring tools provided by HubSpot are strong methods of ensuring leads provided to a sales team are truly qualified. With more qualified leads at their disposal sales wastes less time on less fruitful leads and brings in quality customers for your business.

Like the treats more than the tricks? Check out our Inbound Marketing Guide to see how you can implement inbound marketing at your business.

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