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The Great GIF Debate: Is it Pronounced ‘GIF’ or ‘JIF?’

Inbound Marketing Culture

Ah, animated GIFs… how far they've come. If you have never been (GIF)ted with the knowledge of GIFs (see what I did there?), here is a brief explanation for you: A GIF (aka "graphic interchange format”) is essentially an animated graphic that has become increasingly popular since its inception in 1987.

Mashable's “The History of the GIFs” article puts it this way: "You've spotted them in animated advertising, email signatures, web forums and social avatars. Indeed, if (we) had to repurpose the acronym for ‘GIF’ it would be 'Great Internet Fun.'”

Fun indeed. But with this fun, comes a very controversial question that we've all contemplated at some point in our lives: is it pronounced “GIF” or “JIF?” Let's settle the score, already.

I took it upon myself to answer this question once and for all. Let’s see what the Mojo Media Labs team had to say about it:

So, how do you pronounce GIF? Let your voice be heard. Take the poll below!

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