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The Communication Delivery Chain

Culture implementtaion results

My degree is in Biochemistry, now I know how that sounds, but I actually find it helpful in running a marketing firm implementing marketing campaigns. As a research scientist I worked in an area of pharmaceutical research called Drug Delivery. That’s not delivering drugs to people, but rather how to more effectively deliver a drug inside the body to produced a desired result. The result we were looking for was to decrease inflammation caused by various diseases or decrease the internal pressure in the eye caused by glaucoma. We investigated various methods of how to deliver an “active”, i.e., the drug with the aid of a “vehicle”, i.e., the aqueous part of the eye drop to the inside of the eyeball. Well, as much as I would love to elaborate on this topic, I will redirect back to marketing. But nonetheless, I believe we are all products of our experiences and this led me to thinking differently about delivering marketing results to our clients.

My experience in Drug Delivery started me thinking of how marketing is delivered, hence, the Marketing Delivery Chain. The Marketing Delivery Chain is not just related to marketing communications, but more importantly, how the communications occur between marketers. You see; the vehicle is the marketing campaign and the drug is the result. What I have found is that the quality of communication between people across all internal marketing channels of an organization is directly tied to the quality of the result.

Therefore, the Marketing Delivery Chain will only be as strong as its weakest communication link between marketers.

I challenge my organization to think differently…to deliver the vehicle, our clients marketing campaign, with the drug, your marketing result. It’s been 13 years since I’ve been in a biochemistry lab, but I love working in my lab now. Only now I don’t have to wear the white lab coat.


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