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Testing Workflows In HubSpot

Inbound Marketing

Any tool used for essential work should be subject to QA testing. HubSpot’s marketing automation workflows for lead nurturing are no different. You need to know the workflow is behaving as expected because, as an inbound marketer, you need quality data to inform your marketing efforts.

Tools also require maintenance. Whenever new or updated workflows are created they may need existing contacts to be added manually and re-tested for correct performance.

Testing Workflows

QA testing should be part of workflow set-up. Once a workflow for lead nurturing has been created or changed in HubSpot for lead nurturing or list maintenance a check should be made to ensure proper operation. This is accomplished by QA testing.

QA testing has several steps. In certain circumstances it can become confusing or difficult, especially for workflows that normally take a month or more to complete in a live-use situation.

Steps for QA Testing

Step 1: Make the workflow live and enroll “you” as a test contact. If you have been enrolled as a contact for a previous workflow you can add yourself to the new one.

  • Go to Contact Properties

  • Click on Workflows

  • Select an active workflow to add yourself for testing

Step 2: Set the emails to go to your box. Reset the timing to run the workflow more quickly than normal.

Step 3: Look for problems and resolve them.

Step 4: Re-enroll yourself in the workflow to repeat the test.

  • Go to Workflow Properties

  • Change the setting for “Can the contact enroll in this workflow more than once?” to “Yes.”

Continue testing until the workflow is operating the way you want. Be sure to reset any properties back to their original settings.

Adding Existing Contacts to New Workflows

If you have added a new workflow or edited an existing workflow to change its behavior, you may want to put your existing contacts into that new workflow.

Once you have completed these steps remember to go back and test the workflow as outlined above.

Step 1: Clone the workflow and rename it.

Step 2: Go into the new workflow and delete the nurturing emails the contacts have already received.

Step 3: Set the property “When activated, this workflow will enroll…” to “Other.”

Step 4: Activate the new workflow.

Step 5: Create a static list where contacts have filled out the form on the page.

Step 6: Click “Refine” and specify the date prior to the new workflow’s activation date.

Step 7: When the list is created click “Add All to Workflow.”

Step 8: Select the newly created or updated workflow.

Inbound marketing has a proven track record in attracting and retaining customers while providing the data needed to prove ROI. This is something traditional marketing has always lacked. But in order to attain the best ROI you need to invest adequate time and resources into your inbound marketing practices.

Creating and testing HubSpot Workflows is not difficult but can be time consuming and a little tedious. A HubSpot Certified agency could take this duty off your hands allowing you more time to spend on your business.

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