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Leveraging Social Media for Online Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing

Why Game of Thrones Is A Master of Online Lead Generation

If you’re a fan of HBO’s complex character-driven fantasy series Game of Thrones (GoT), then you understand why I'm using their twitter account as an online lead generation example. You may be wondering: “How could a social network attract and retain so many people who could very well be playing World of Warcraft in their mother’s basement?”

How Social Media Enhanced Their Online Lead Generation

The answer is simple: HBO was smart enough to let an actual, die-hard fan manage the account. Long before season one of the series even premiered, HBO had a fan of the series in their marketing department working the GoT Twitter account. HBO began to strike up conversations about the books with self-proclaimed experts in existing GoT communities, which eventually attracted other followers to include those unfamiliar with the series. When the time came, HBO linked to exclusive blogs with behind-the-scenes photos to all of their followers on Twitter. By the time the show premiered, HBO had a healthy fan base with countless online leads for a show that otherwise might have seemed inaccessible and “geeky” to the average viewer. HBO figured out how to turn the Twitter machine into a tool that some businesses fail to realize exists: social media is a powerful online lead generation tool.

Tips for Ultimate Online Lead Generation

Build a Community: Before you do anything, shop around Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn and listen to what people in communities similar to your business are saying. Watch and listen for where the demand is. What are people talking about most? What are people missing? Once you realize an opportunity, you'll be able to leverage it for serious online lead generation.
Create Unique and Valuable Content: Online lead generation is, in general, about making people come to you for information they can’t receive elsewhere. With 1.06 billion monthly active users on Facebook, your company’s message is sure to be lost if you simply push your product/service on them. In order to attract and cultivate leads, make sure to keep high standards of excellency and authenticity. Provide exceptional content from people who know what they are talking about—your subject matter experts. The first GoT community on Twitter would never have listened to some jockey HBO representative without them first demonstrating their knowledge of the series.

Generate Leads: The social marketing software + blogging strategy used by HBO has been tested and reported to produce a 400% increase in lead conversions. You can utilize many social outlets to reach a number this high. Link to a blog that either links to a landing page or is a landing page. Occasionally tweet CTA’s or post them on Facebook. Write a valuable post on LinkedIn and have it link to a landing page.

The concept is simple and flexible, but the content can be challenging. Think hard before you post anything; make sure your posts, tweets, and discussions help move prospective customers through the sales funnel, and you will ultimately achieve your business objectives.

Oh, and one last thing: make your content timely. While you may not bring on someone just for social media, for optimum online lead generation consider using social media marketing software. Use a tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to schedule your social contributions around the times when your potential customers are likely to be engaged. That is all.



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