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Signals for Sales

Inbound Marketing


As a sales person, what do I crave? Well, besides fava beans and a nice chianti, I crave information about my prospects. I want to know if they’ve read my email, if they’ve clicked on that link to our ebook, if they’re engaging with me in the sales process. Well, I now have the benefit of more insight by using Signals, a great tool developed by HubSpot, the marketing automation software folks.

What is Signals?

Signals has been described as “ESP for email”. It allows you to track your email so that you’re immediately notified when your message is opened or if a link within the message is clicked. Signals requires that you’re using Chrome for your browser, and integrates with Gmail, Apple Mail and Outlook. There’s also a mobile version for iPhone.

How much does this cost, you ask? It’s actually free to individual users, and only $10/mo. for teams to use. Also, if you’re a Salesforce CRM user, you’ll want to pay the monthly fee to enjoy the benefits of integrating the two tools. (More about using Signals with Salesforce in a moment.)

How Signals Works

You select which emails you send out that get tracked via Signals. You can set a default if you wish to track all emails you send, both internal and external. When a recipient opens your email, you’ll get a notification that flashes on your screen for a few seconds.

At any time, you can click on the Signals icon in your email menu bar and see a listing of who has opened your email, when they opened it and how many times they’ve opened it.

Sinals Email Notifications

You can click any record and see a summary that shows how many pages they viewed and what forms on landing pages they submitted

Signals Email Activity

If your company is using HubSpot for marketing automation, clicking through that summary takes you into your HubSpot portal, where you see more detailed information about the interaction.

HubSpot Signals Email Summary

Signals & Salesforce

For those of you that use Salesforce for your CRM, there’s even more good news. You don’t have to be a slave to your dashboard; you can receive Signals alerts via Salesforce as soon as you have a new lead. You can also send sales emails from your mail service of choice and still utilize the templates that you’ve built in Salesforce.

How to Get Started

It’s simple; just go to Signals Free Download, click the button to add Signals to your Chrome, and get some ESP!


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