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Should Companies Outsource or Insource Inbound?

Inbound Marketing

Now that more and more companies are realizing they need inbound marketing to boost their lead generation efforts, the question I’m seeing crop up more frequently is: Should I hire an agency to handle this effort for my company, or should I hire an additional staff member or two, and try to do this internally?

The answer, of course, revolves around ROI.

If an internal person could get the same or better results (a key factor here) as an inbound marketing agency, and was cheaper than an agency’s fee, then it would make sense to hire internally.

In order to make the right decision, we at Mojo think it’s helpful to look at:

  • The responsibilities that the internal staff person would be expected to handle with inbound marketing
  • The cost of hiring a person with the proper level of experience to actually do the job

Inbound Marketing Components

Here are the components that need to be addressed when executing an inbound marketing effort:

Strategic Plan Development

The ability to develop buyer personas and the brand voice; perform a website SEO audit and keyword research; plan campaigns with associated offers and content; develop a social media strategy.


Devise content calendar; plan and write multiple posts per month; optimize posts for SEO purposes; develop calls-to-action for posts.

Premium Content

Plan and create advanced content such as e-books, white papers, infographics, podcasts and videos.

Social Media

Implement graphic revisions to social sites to reflect the company brand; generate and post updates to multiple social channels multiple times per day; monitor those channels and engage appropriately; analyze data to measure effectiveness.

Lead Generation

Plan and create calls-to-action, landing pages, thank you/download pages; perform A/B testing to increase conversion rates; analyze lead generation data; revise strategic plan on monthly basis based on results of analysis.

In-house Staff or Agency?

I think it’s safe to say that one person cannot possibly accomplish what our team here at Mojo can accomplish.

Moreover, I can tell you based on 30 years of marketing experience that it is almost impossible to find someone who can both devise a marketing strategy and execute that strategy across all channels.

Even if you could find that person, how could they be experts at inbound marketing in addition to your own company brand and mission?

If you hire an internal team, which is what it really would take, you’ll be looking at 2-5 individuals with experience in marketing, blogging, SEO, Web programming, graphic design, social media marketing, content marketing, lead generation, and analytics – about $150,000 - $350,000 in annual salaries and benefits based on experience and skill sets.

That’s a lot more than you would pay an agency to do the same work, plus you get the benefit of the agency’s experience from getting results for other companies.

If you’d like to find out more about how Mojo does inbound, please give us a shout; we’ll be happy to do the math with you.

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