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Scoring a Goal with Your On Page SEO Digital Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing

How to Make On Page SEO Work for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

For a website to reach its target audience, marketing strategists need to utilize the correct on page SEO strategies, including finding and using the correct keywords your target audience uses when searching for your type of products or services.

What is On Page SEO?

On page SEO refers to how the technical aspects of a website are used within the digital marketing strategy that make a site increasingly more visible to the target audience. Some components of the on page SEO include a keyword-optimized title (the H1 header), URL structure, and the keyword density. Something these three aspects of on page SEO have in common is their incorporation of a keyword strategy.

Keywords and the Digital Marketing Strategy

One way search engines rank sites is based on the keywords, which are found within the website's content. Proper utilization of these keywords to best optimize a site depend on the digital marketing strategy. Elements within the on page SEO portion of the digital marketing strategy correlate with the elements within a game of soccer used when players score a goal:

  1. you have the keywords themselves (or the ball),
  2. the marketing strategist (the kicker),
  3. the search engine (the goalie)
  4. and your target audience (the net).

In order to reach the target audience (or score a goal), digital strategists need to determine that not only resonates best with the target audience, but which keywords the site is most likely to rank for. The techniques he uses with his on page SEO strategy, which is much like kicking a soccer ball past a goalie, determine whether or not his efforts are successful. If he implements the right digital marketing strategy so the website is ranked in the first two pages of search engines for those keywords, the target audience will be able to find his page organically (or kicking the ball past the goalie and into the net). If the target audience finds the website because of the keywords they've used in search engines, the number of leads the website acquires will increase.

There are four basic steps to take when developing a digital marketing strategy for your on page SEO:

Find, Identify, Facilitate, Accelerate.

  • Find: Find who your target audience is. Who are you trying to reach? What demographics make up your typical clientele?
  • Identify: Which keywords have proven successful in the past? What keywords would you like to optimize? These are the keywords you will use when implementing your on page SEO strategy.
  • Facilitate: Develop and implement a digital marketing strategy with your on page SEO.
  • Accelerate: Advance your business ahead of the competition.

Develop your digital marketing strategy using these techniques, increasing your on page SEO to best reach your target audience, and you will be well on your way to becoming an online marketing all-star.

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