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Ral’s Reviews: Social Media Success Summit, Part 2

Inbound Marketing


If you happened to read my last blog post about Social Media Examiner’ Social Media Success Summit, you learned some valuable tips for using Instagram to build an email list. Today, I’ll cover my other favorite webinar from the summit:

‘How to Use Video (and Live Video) to Promote and Sell’ - Michael Stelzner

I’ll admit it: video terrifies me. No, it’s not because I hate the sound of my voice recorded, even though that is a valid fear of mine. The reason I’m afraid of video is because I don’t know how to use it to market to people effectively. However, this webinar provided a lot of useful information and it certainly helped ease my concerns. 

First, let me share with you some stats Michael shared with us.

  • Three out of four marketers plan to increase their use of video
  • Average shares per video has doubled in the last year
  • Almost 40 percent of marketers will increase their use of LIVE video

These statistics prove that video is growing and if you don’t want to be left in the dust, you better grow with it.

Second, Michael showed us examples of how video can be a solution to your marketing problem:

  • One example was the issue of persuading people who don’t know you or your business. As Michael said, “People are influenced by people who they think are like themselves.” Therefore, you can solve this problem through testimonial videos. Personally, it’s always helpful when I’ve seen someone I can trust endorse a product or service.
  • Another problem is people who are about to leave your sales page and aren’t convinced to purchase. A creative solution for this is the “exit pop,” a CTA that brings users to a landing page with a video. The video can give them a “free sample” of what they would get with the product. Social Media Examiner tried this with the Summit and in 45 days they received a 5% conversion rate, almost $32,000 in sales.
  • Finally, one other interesting point was live video promotion. I would have thought you’d want to promote the heck out of a live broadcast — it is so much more fun since it’s a little risky. Michael brought up a couple of good points, though: The element of surprise brings additional awe and excitement to the content, and Facebook gives preference to live videos, so any promotion you do will not have a lot of impact.

There were so many interesting webinars that I wish I could write on them all, but alas, these blog posts would run a little too long. All in all, I would definitely recommend Social Media Success Summit and hope I get the opportunity to attend next year.

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