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Ral’s Reviews: Social Media Success Summit, Part 1

Inbound Marketing

I can’t get enough social media. Maybe it’s the millennial in me, but I’m fascinated with it and its ability to drive leads and establish a brand. So, when I heard Social Media Examiner was hosting the Social Media Success Summit with 39 live webinars over the course of four weeks in October, all I could think of was “sign me up!” I was excited about listening to various social media experts and growing my knowledge of how to best utilize social media to engage customers and deliver results.

Two of the webinars I attended definitely stood out, so I thought I’d share them. Part 1 of this blog series will cover one and Part 2 will cover the other. Here’s the first one:

‘How to Build an Email List with Instagram’ - Sue B. Zimmerman

Instagram is my favorite social media platform, so you can imagine my excitement about this webinar. Lucky for me, it did not disappoint.

One trick I learned was the importance of setting up a business profile, which is an option that came out this year. Guys, it has a “contact” button right on your profile! How easy is that for building your email list? It also lets people easily get in touch with you. Furthermore, you can see how many people you’re reaching and the number of views, impressions, etc… — then digest these numbers to discover what is working and what’s not. One great example of using these insights is how you can now see the average time your followers are on Instagram. Given this, you can make sure you post or engage during this time. I’m telling you, I’m considering a business profile just for my personal account!

There was so much more this particular webinar gave me, but the last thing I’ll leave with you are these four points you’ll want to remember in order to be successful on Instagram:

  1. Create a username that is consistent with your other platforms and a bio that shows off your personality.
  2. Themed visuals for your photos: Give off the feel that is in-line with your brand every time you post.
  3. Post consistently so as many people see it as possible.
  4. Engage in comments and questions so you grow your relationships and are considered an industry expert.

There you have it! Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog series, where I’ll talk about a webinar focused on using video promotion effectively.

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