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Promoted Pins: A Quick Guide

Inbound Marketing

Pinterest, popular for allowing you to curate content boards (particularly of the visual kind), is subtly moving into monetization mode. They’ve started to offer advertising space similar to other social media sites.

Pinterest is calling their new ad program Promoted Pins. These are paid placements (think Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads) that would show up in your Pinterest search results and category feeds.

At this time a Promoted Pin can be hard to spot because the promotional notice is pretty subtle: the words Promoted Pin appear at the bottom of the text area (where the name of the sharing user is typically placed). Otherwise, it looks pretty much like any other pin.

This subtlety is deliberate. Pinterest is trying to make them less like intrusive advertising and more like a typical search result. Only relevant pins, promoted or not, will show up in the search results or feeds. Users can see more about the product by clicking on the information icon provided.

Importance of Pinnable Content

Promoted pins are just now rolling out from a select number of businesses and are not yet showing on everyone’s feeds. However, as the program matures, the chances that you will see a Promoted Pin will increase.

This makes Promoted Pins as important to your social media marketing and SEO strategies as any of the other popular social networks (of course, that’s if this is where your customers are). As in any campaign implementation, you need to take into consideration where your audience hangs out before expending a lot of effort.

If your products or services are extremely [P]interesting and pinnable then you definitely need to start planning for Promoted Pins.

Promoted Pin Integration

It should be noted that, as of this writing, Pinterest has yet to offer Promoted Pins across the board to all business users. The personal curation network is still experimenting with aesthetics and user tolerance. During this time those business users included in the pilot program are not paying for Promoted Pins.

When the time comes, however, integrating Promoted Pins into your social media marketing should be no more difficult than any other paid search program. You will want to review your keyword strategy and begin developing targeting content in order for the information icon to show.

Many of Pinterest’s recent changes are most relevant for written content. No word yet on word limits or link restrictions.

Tracking Promoted Pins

Since Promoted Pins are still in the experimental phase, Pinterest has not made any statements about changes to Pinterest analytics functionality. If you already have a verified Pinterest Business Account you will have access to analytics, but right now there won’t be much there about your Promoted Pin investment.

In the meantime, if you have not verified your business with Pinterest. . .do it. If you have a personal Pinterest account, it’s relatively simple to convert it to a business account and request verification. At this point, it’s a might help, couldn’t hurt kinda thing, but it’s better to be prepared than not.

So, there you have it. Not much to go on at this point, but we’ll be bringing you more news about Pinterest’s Promoted Pin service as it’s released.

Happy Marketing!

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