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Professional Development: Why It’s One of Our Core Values


At Mojo Media Labs, we take pride in each of our employees exemplifying our six core values. One of those core values is professional development. With the right desire, drive and passion, we feel that our team members can pursue continuous learning and take initiative on a daily basis.

To further emphasize this core value, one of our mottos is “Professional Development At Any Opportunity.” We convey this to team members by challenging them in the following ways:

  • “Learn something new? So what? How will you apply it?”
  • “Actively seek new ways of handling challenges as an opportunity to learn.”
  • “Create and implement an individual development plan for one specific skill or competency.”
  • “Apply learning and experience to close ROE gap and grow the company and yourself.”

What’s our goal for all of this? To build a culture of learning. To see why it might be worth it to make professional development a priority at your company, check out this interesting infographic from our friends at Teamfluent:

10 Interesting Workplace Learning Facts (Infographic).png

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