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Online Marketing Intern Blog: Matt Fry

Inbound Marketing

Note from the Editor: This blog post is part of a series that shares the experiences of our interns here at Mojo Media Labs. It offers a unique insight into our company that we hope you'll enjoy. If you're looking for an online marketing internship and would like to apply, we'd love to see your application, especially if marketing wasn't your focus in school.

Intern Life

My name is Matt Fry. Southern Methodist University Alumni with degrees in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Markets and Culture and a minor in Business. I currently intern for Mojo Media Labs, a Dallas based Inbound Marketing Company.

I started my internship term in June 2012 and should be wrapping up in August for school credit. Before I began working here I had previously learned the ins and outs of social media but never had the opportunity to apply all forms to one focused plan. While working here I received hands on experience working with social media, blogging, website management, and Hubspot.

The social media has been relatively straight forward so far just pushing out information and updates. However I did get my first opportunity to write several blogs for someone other than myself and someone I don’t even know commented on it, which was pretty exciting. While in school I also only had minor exposure to using Word Press when we were told to write blogs. Mojo Media has definitely given me a greater understanding of how Word Press works and how to create a colorful, interesting and enticing blog page or post.

In relation to all of these cornerstones of good marketing skills, Mojo Media Labs has educated me in one that influences all of them called Hubspot. Hubspot is a program we use in order to monitor and control what inbound marketing content goes online, how man people have seen it, who clicked on what, what is most popular, and who wants to go beyond just looking. Hubspot has taught me how the lead generation process works and why it is so important for inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is like fishing in that you can put the bait out and hope it is attractive enough to bring people to it and eventually bite. Well as with fishing , in marketing the best way to catch more fish or customers is to have more lines in the water. So Hubspot aids inbound marketers in finding the best ways to attract more people to your website through search engine optimization, blogging,social, nurturing campaigns, or various other techniques.

Lead Generation Process

The more stuff you put out → the more people will see it → the more people see it the more people will be interested → the more people are interested then the more people will buy it.

However the numbers of people in each stage typically decrease as you move down the stages of the lead generation process. So in order to compensate for the few buyers you get from the big number of people who saw the original content you need to produce even more content. You can't get all of the visitors to buy all of the time but you can achieve your goals by attracting more visitors.

Once the visitors have shown an interest in the product or service by submitting basic information on a online form (first/last name, email) then Hubspot allows you to create a nurturing campaign in order to convert these people from just interested viewers into customers or clients. So Hubspot can then begin to do the work for you automatically once you set up to begin the campaign that coaxes them into buying after they give you their information.

Intern Experience

So far with Hubspot I have created landing pages (info forms), Calls to action ( enticing buttons linked to other things), and Nurturing campaigns with automatic emails set at specific times to catch peoples attention.

One of my other responsibilities while working with Mojo was to learn their project management system BaseCamp and find solutions to the productivity problems the company was struggling with. After some intensive research I found solutions and alternatives in which I presented in a report.

I also had the opportunity to learn about Customer Relationship Management(CRM). The program Mojo uses to keep track of client and lead information is called Highrise. Since Mojo is a branch of The Rose Group companies along with Return on Energy and Marketing Candy there needs to be distinctions between the different clients/leads and their interests as well as who in the company is responsible for which contact. It was my duty to create a system in which we would tag and organize the differences in contacts. I created a simple and quick nomenclature by which we can distinguish who is who's client/lead and under what Rose Group Companies branch it falls under. Along with this I was able to create a standard operating procedure for the CRM of Mojo.

The experience has been very informative and I have learned a lot from Mojo and Michael Rose's thinking process of ROE. I certainly believe my problem solving skills have grown while working here and I hope to apply the skills I learned and improved upon in a full time position somewhere when this is all over.



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