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On the Newest Episode of Cribs: Office Edition

You may have heard our marketing's on fire. Quite literally, though. Our building burned down.

And while we made the best the situation (especially Kalie lugging around that ginormous desktop), we’d be lying if we didn’t admit we felt a bit displaced. After all, we created so many good memories in there. But, with an office up in flames and a marketing team with nowhere to go, we had to get a little creative – more so than usual, actually. So our team experimented with working remotely… and in a bank… and even Korey’s home.

It was an interesting experience, to say the least. We tested how well we could work and communicate while being in different locations. And guess what? We crushed it. (Obviously.)

But, the hours turned into days and the days turned into a week. And truly, we really missed having an office. Little did we know at the time, Korey was on a serious property hunt – think TLC’s House Hunters.

McMahon Inbound Marketing Oklahoma

And just when we thought it’d be a hot minute before we found a place, BOOM. He introduced us to a warehouse space, which is now the Mojo Mansion on Apache. Catchy name, right?

McMahon Inbound Marketing 2

A lot has changed since then. Especially this Inbound Marketing thing we keep mentioning (more on that later). But, we realized just the other day that many of you haven’t gotten a chance to take a look around. 

McMahon Inbound Marketing 5

So whether you’re planning on visiting here in the future or simply curious how we’ve transformed an old warehouse into the coolest office ever, here’s an inside look! 

McMahon Inbound Marketing 4

McMahon Inbound Marketing 6

McMahon Inbound Marketing 7

McMahon Inbound Marketing 8

Curious about that Inbound Marketing thing we mentioned earlier?

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