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Make Your Off Page SEO Strategy A Slam Dunk

Inbound Marketing

Off Page SEO and Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Off page SEO refers to what you do off your website to improve its search engine optimization ranking. In many ways, you can see many off page SEO techniques as something similar to the offensive strategies used by a basketball team. Both have similar goals: an increase of traffic, although with basketball, traffic is meant to be pushed away from one side of the court as opposed to off page SEO, where traffic is meant to be pushed to the website.

Offensive Off Page SEO Strategies

Pick and Roll: For basketball teams, speed can often be a player's best assets. The pick and roll offensive strategy utilizes the speed and agility of team members to create a continual movement of the ball down the court, moving the ball down the court through rapidly switching ball handlers. This idea can be applied to your off page SEO strategy through the utilization of social media.

Creating and maintaining your organization's social media accounts is one way to utilize your pick and roll off page SEO strategy to draw traffic to your website. Active participation and interaction with your audience through sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is not only a good off page SEO practice but also an excellent networking opportunity for your organization. Answering a tweeted question from one of your followers on Twitter, for example, is one way to show your followers you genuinely care about their concerns and also allows you to be seen on their Twitter page by their followers.

Fast Break: After a team is in possession of the ball, getting that ball down to the other side of the court as soon as possible is essential. A fast break offensive strategy does just that. Another way to increase your off page SEO through generating traffic to your website is through using the fast break strategy. This involves actively going onto forums and commenting, posting your content link as a means of clarification or to answer a posted question. LinkedIn, for example, has many opportunities for users to post and make comments through individual group forums. Keeping up to date on the latest questions and discussions posed will help you identify where you can share your content.

Open Post: In basketball, an open post offense utilizes the team's strengths to overpower the opposing team's defense. For websites, blogging is an excellent way to utilize the knowledge and experience you and your staff have gained to create informed and interesting content.

Once you have established a reputation as an informed blogger in your field, one excellent off page SEO strategy you can use is guest blogging. When you come across a non-competing blogger from a similar field, guest blogging with them (through either posting your content on their page or vice versa) increases traffic to both your sites, increasing your readership and your off page SEO rankings.

Off Page SEO Defense Through On Page Content

The quality of your content will determine whether or not people will pay attention to you, whether it be through your posts on Facebook or the questions you answer on forums. There are countless websites out there competing for an increased search engine rank, so it is important to produce high quality content to set yourself apart from your competitors.

In basketball, building a solid offense alone won't win the game. As in basketball, an off page SEO strategy needs more than traffic-building activities, it also needs content. Think of this as your off page SEO defensive strategy: gaining traffic is important, yes, but defending your site through engaging and informative content will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Enjoying the Sports' Analogies?

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