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A New Mojo Maker’s Perspective on Living Our Core Values

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I recently joined the Mojo Media Labs team, and as part of my onboarding journey, I’ve been learning about our core values. Many organizations have core values, but live them out in different ways.

Here at Mojo, conscious collaboration happens to be one of our six core values. What does that mean to us exactly? We define conscious collaboration as "working as a team to collaborate in an open, honest, caring, respectful and conscientious way to reach common objectives." I’ve observed this at Mojo, and really resonated with Conscious Collaboration as my favorite of our six values. It aligns with what I was really seeking for my next move, and that was camaraderie and the support of a team.

Collaboration probably isn’t a new term for most of us. In fact, we’ve probably had our fair share of it over the years, whether that was for a class project, in the workplace or even helping dad build a tree house in the backyard when we were younger. No matter how you’ve collaborated in your life, it’s definitely happened whether you were conscious of it or not (pun intended).

Here are my favorite ways that we intentionally rally together, and drive collaboration:

1. Huddles Make Mojo Happen

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We believe setting aside time, 20 minutes to be exact, is a crucial part of our morning ritual to share ideas, see what everyone is working on and make sure our tasks are being completed in an efficient manner. This is a good way to start off the day while letting your team know what they can expect you to work on that day.

2. We Teach Each Other

We’re also a strong advocate for peer-to-peer mentoring. Here at Mojo, it’s okay to say “I don’t know” and ask for help. This is a comfortable work environment where there is an abundance of offering, accepting and seeking opportunities for one-to-one meetings. This was a big plus to me because the way I learn and grow is by asking quite a few questions, so to know that Mojo encourages asking questions was very comforting.

3. Technology Makes It Easier to Collaborate

Mojo utilizes a few different platforms to make the collaboration process easier. Tools like Slack make communication in general effortless, whether you’re in or out of the office. It allows our team to have instant and organized conversations, making it simple to quickly share information, even when sometimes it feels like it’s ruining our lives.

Another useful tool is Zoom, which makes our morning huddles during Work at Home Wednesday go off without a hitch. Zoom allows us to video chat one-on-one or in groups so that we never skip a beat. It also comes in handy during the other four work days in a week whenever someone is working remotely for another reason and they need to attend a meeting.

We can’t forget Trello, a project management tool, that helps us get through our morning huddles and allows us to easily stay on track for our assignments for the day. Trello makes it simple to manage projects in an organized manner and slowly watch them come to life. This is an excellent tool for scatterbrained individuals like myself who need an extra nudge to stay on task.

4. Being Social Can Lead to Better Collaboration

Some workplaces might believe that having an open space to socialize and chat are a distraction or waste of time, but when you’re most comfortable could be when your best ideas happen! That’s why at Mojo we have an open office environment that allows for a steady stream of ideas, and of course, collaboration. We also have happy hour on Friday’s when we have the time, which consists of casual conversations, Jenga and other board games. When you make time to know your co workers and have a little fun, it makes it that much better when it’s time to get down to business and get those ideas flowing.

This is, by far, my favorite aspect of collaboration and not just because it’s social hour. The main reason I wanted to join Mojo was that even from an outside perspective, I could tell that company culture is important to them and I wanted to be a part of that. While your work should always come first, it’s vital that you should also like where you work and who you work with. The moment you feel comfortable in your environment at the office is when you become more inclined to collaborate and brainstorming with those around you.

What are some of the ways your organization consciously collaborates?


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