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The 3 Best Things About an Inbound Marketing Internship

Inbound Marketing


Many of us experience multiple internships throughout our career, usually during or right after college. Naturally, there are some we enjoy more than others. A successful internship isn't just about checking off a box and listing experience on your resume, however — it’s a lot more than that. Here are three of the most rewarding aspects of an inbound marketing internship, based on my experience at Mojo Media Labs:

1. A One-On-One Experience

We've all heard that phrase, “You will have one-on-one, first-hand experience at our company,” and it ends up being a false promise. At Mojo Media Labs, you do get hands-on experience and training. You are not just shadowing one person while remaining on the sidelines; at Mojo you:

  • Have the opportunity to be mentored by multiple experts in different areas: This includes Strategic Engagement Managers, Account Coordinators, Inbound Marketing Specialists, Graphic Designers and Content Writers. Personally, this has allowed me to discover my passions, fortes and weaknesses.
  • Are assigned to personal projects big and small. This has allowed me to gain hands-on experience with projects that are challenging enough for me as an intern to develop professionally. I definitely have a support system behind me in case I need assistance, however. 
  • Participate in most meetings. As an intern, many companies don't allow you to be part of meetings, excluding you and not allowing you to feel fully integrated with the company. Mojo is the complete opposite and wants you to be part of everything, allowing you as an intern to participate and contribute your own ideas and opinions.

2. A Commitment to Your Success

Commitment is that one thing that I have always tried to look for in an internship. No one likes working at a company that shows a lack of commitment towards them. At Mojo, everyone is committed to you, your work and success. I have been interning at Mojo for a little over a month now and due to their level of commitment I have had the opportunity to experience about 90 percent of my co-workers' day-to-day responsibilities. Every single one of my co-workers has been nothing but welcoming and supportive, ensuring that I am gaining the skills and experience required in order to achieve my personal goals.   

3. A Positive Environment

A successful internship is more than just the knowledge you gain as a result of your extensive training. It is also about the type of people you are surrounded by, as well as the collaborative environment that company has to offer. At Mojo Media Labs I am not just an intern; I am part of a family. Mojo Media Labs focuses on employee satisfaction, so as an intern, I have never felt so welcomed and at home. Everyone has their own unique personality, too, bringing such a great variety of positive energy into the agency. At Mojo, you do not have to wait for the weekend to have a good time. Team night, company outings, holiday parties and challenging activities like Pictionary are regular perks.

Interning at Mojo Media Labs has been such an amazing opportunity, full of excitement and challenges. It is definitely an internship that I look forward to every day, awaiting to see what exciting activities and challenges my team has for me. I can’t emphasize how grateful I am to be able to experience a wonderful opportunity and have had the chance to meet such talented coworkers. If you're interested in an inbound marketing internship, I encourage you to seek out a company like Mojo.

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