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My #First90 Days As A Change Agent

Inbound Marketing

Some people are hired to be a cog in the wheel. Others are hired to be the grease in the machine. A few are hired to rebuild the engine. That's me.

I'm a change agent. It's not on my resume and it's not my official job title, but it is a part of my nature, and I give full disclaimers about that when I'm hired on to help.

Being a change agent is great, if the company is flexible and they want to improve. It's is one of the top things I look for when I'm job hunting.

If you're a change agent, the most important part of your job search is finding a cultural fit.

For example, when starting with Mojo Media Labs the conversation went something like this:

Mojo: "We are looking to have someone help us execute inbound marketing tasks for our clients."

Me: "I can definitely do that. What is the problem with the execution right now?"

Mojo: "We've had some turnover and we are all juggling."

Me: "How are you managing the projects? What is your process?"

Mojo: "We use ABC to manage, and our process is XYZ."

Me: "I see a few gaps in there, I think I could help you tweak your project management and processes. Would you be open to that?"

Mojo: "Absolutely, we can discuss your ideas."

Thats when I took the job. It wasn't the position, pay, benefits, or the fact I'm able to work from home (and not have to put my baby in daycare)... although those are huge perks. It was the fact I knew I would be able to make an impact and see results.

Before you can reinvent the engine, you have to know how it works. So, my #first90 days were spent learning the clients, tasks, and integrating myself into the current processes. I was a cog in the wheel, and the work churned out nicely.

Over time, I've been helping administer change within the company to be more productive and timely, and getting tasks and processes organized. After we had the system down, we started tweaking it.

Now, we are in the middle of a complete overhaul. Instead of three people working on each client, we are going to spread out the team according to our specialities, and work on all clients together. This will allow each person to get better in each field, and we will be able to focus on the work we are putting out to ensure it's the best it can be.

So, if you are a change agent like me, my advice for your first 90 days is to really learn the system so you can change it!

That being said, we are looking for people to fill a few new roles! So if you are a rockstar at the following, join us!

  • Social Media Manager
  • Seo/Web Development Manager
  • Email Manager
  • Stellar content writer

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