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#MojoCrushMonday: These Are a Few of our Favorite Things

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Some say there's no place like home, but we say, there's no place like work. At Mojo, we believe we are only as productive as the environment we work in. Because of this, the Mojo office has quite a few gadgets and perks that improve the working environment by boosting productivity, collaboration, and employee engagement—and we just so happen to love them.

Check out the list below detailing some ways you too can boost the quality of your office environment!

Boost Productivity

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones

    • Whether it’s your neighbor munching on a snack or on the phone with a client, it can be difficult to focus on current projects with surrounding distractions. That’s why we have noise cancelling headphones available for anyone to use (looking at you, brand journalists) in order to eliminate audible distractions.
  • Quiet Areas

    • When it’s crunch time and you need to escape both audible and visual distractions—we have a secluded area dedicated to being a hyper-focused oasis. Complete with desks, privacy dividers, and an appropriate distance from the hustle and bustle of the main office space.
  • Coffee

    • Because espresso is the fuel that keeps the machine—that is employees—running. For many of us here at Mojo, no morning truly begins until at least one cup of coffee has been consumed (or 3 if you’re Java). Thankfully, we have a convenient coffee corner in our kitchen stocked with plenty of cream, sugar, and Mojo mugs.
  • LOFTwall

    • Having an open office design has its perks, but sometimes we need to switch it up. Whether we need to cut noise from the kitchen or we're hosting a networking event, our FRAMEwall gives us the opportunity to re-design our space according to our needs while keeping productivity a priority. 

Boost Employee Engagement

  • Free Snacks

    • Here at Mojo, we’re big believers in snacks. We have a whole wall of all our favorites - popcorn (we also have a popcorn machine!), candy, granola bars, and more. We have some pretty generous people in the office, so it's not uncommon to find an array of goodies from local restaurants in the kitchen. Lately, we have an obsession with Little Donuts. We've also come to find out that snacks help when we have back-to-back meetings or traffic-filled mornings as they keep everyone fueled and engaged. 
  • Family Photo Wall

    • Mojo is our second home and we like to treat it as such. To encourage a family environment, we have a wall in the kitchen where pictures of the team members' families are displayed.
  • Sun Palace

    • Part of being “mojoey” is being 5% eccentric and we live this out through having serious fun. When we meet a goal, we throw a party to celebrate--which often includes games, food, and the occasional marg. On other days, the lounge, or “sun palace” as we like to call it, serves as a getaway with its giant jenga set, Xbox, and plush furniture.


  • Lifesavers Mints

    • No meeting has begun until everyone has had one, two, or ten wintergreen Lifesavers Mints. We like to think they are a key ingredient to experiencing successful collaboration in the workplace. So grab a mint, pass them down, and let the meeting begin! You may or may not be familiar, but consuming peppermints has been continually analyzed as it relates to improving concentration and brain function. 
  • Meeting Rooms

    • We have three meeting rooms equipped with glass doors, whiteboard painted walls, televisions with Google Chromecast, and picturesque views. These collaboration spaces help us to have productive meetings, and offer meeting rooms that cultivate creativity. We have internal and external meetings and the occasional celebration in these meeting rooms.

There you have it! These truly are a few of our favorite things that foster an environment of productivity, employee engagement, and collaboration. What does your organization do to improve its office environment? Let us know in the comments below!

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