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#MojoCrushMonday: Ceros - Interactive Content Creation

When I came back to Mojo for a second internship, I asked to learn new skills that I could take with me into my last year of school and beyond. One of the first things they taught me was Ceros, a new software-based interactive design tool. After having used it for a few projects, from quizzes with logic to interactive website modules, I can truly say Ceros is my #MojoCrushMonday.

The web-based platform allows you to access your work, a Ceros Experience, anywhere. You don’t have to worry about timing out your saves because it automatically saves it to the cloud. This works really well for collaboration it provides preview links you can view in your web browser so that you can see what your design would look like when published and allows for the links to be shared with others, making internal review a breeze.

The Ceros studio allows for static content creation with a canvas, icon library, and the ability to type, draw shapes, and import images. But it also allows for animations that display upon entrance, at a timed interval, or upon exit from the Ceros Experience. You can have your text, icons, or images roll in clockwise, bob up and down, or fade out along with over 50 other animations.



Then there are the interactions, which are really what puts Ceros above other content creation platforms. Upon click, view, or even hover, you can show or hide other content. This gives you the ability to add a color overlay to an image or essentially switch screens and content, without having to code anything. This creates limitless opportunities from adding logic for a quiz to enlarging a selection when someone clicks on it. With an understanding of UX, you can enhance the consumer’s experience with interactions such as clickable CTAs and easy to navigate modules.




Ceros has allowed us to create unique and fun content for our clients in a way that we weren’t able to do so before. It saves on time and the cost of having to code javascript or any other programming language. Most importantly, its been fun to learn and allows for the ingenuity that most clients and agencies are looking for to put their marketing over the edge.


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