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Mojo Media Labs: A Season of Giving

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We love the holidays at Mojo Media Labs! Cheer and festivities filled the offices, but this year our Mojo Makers’ spirit of giving was stronger than ever.

We are working hard to elevate our contribution to our communities through volunteer efforts and charitable gifts. Our team members and partners suggested several remarkable organizations, so we wanted to get out the good word. We’re taking a moment this holiday season to bring awareness to three causes for you to consider adding to your community outreach.

1. KT’s Kids

Liz, our president of the Mojo Chicago office, brought one such organization to our attention. We celebrated the season of giving by switching gears from our traditional client holiday gifts. In lieu of a client gift, the Mojo team decided to put the money towards KT’s Kids, an organization that provides support for disabled children in Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods.

KT’s Kids hosts a large holiday party for children in households with kids being treated at Schwab Rehab. At this event, the children are each given a fun and a practical gift, but the mothers aren’t forgotten! Each mother also receives a $20 dollar Target gift card.

This past party hosted more than 600 kids, and our gift was able to supply all the practical gifts for the children thanks to our team members, customers, and partners!

2. Helping Other People

Our culture committee also discovered a grass-roots program in Fort Worth called Helping Other People. This group gathers local donations of socks, blankets, tarps, boots, jackets, coats, sweaters, gloves, scarves, or essentially anything helpful to keep the homeless community warm and dry throughout the winter season.

What makes this group unique is their agility to collect donations through a “call for goods” on their Facebook page. You simply drop off your goods or go with the group near the homeless shelters and pass out your donations directly. There is no red tape or wondering where your goods go.

The Mojo Dallas team cleaned out their gently used closets, and brought a large SUV’s worth of bags of donations to warm hearts and hands. Please consider following and supporting Helping Other People if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and looking for some charitable groups to support.

3. Irving School Foundation

Finally, our partners, American Solutions for Business, coordinated a canned and dry food drive to support the Irving School Foundation, an organization that helps the children of low income households in the Irving School District, providing financial support for teachers and students to maximize learning via donations, grants, and scholarships. Our Mojo Makers jumped in to participate after learning about our partner’s effort, hauling in more than 35 lbs of dry and canned goods.

Have Other Suggestions for Organizations You Love? Let us know!

Have other organizations we should know about? We’re always happy to learn and seek new ways to contribute to our local communities. Our Mojo Family wishes you and yours -- and all of these incredible organizations along with the lives they impact -- a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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