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4 Tips for Mobile Inbound Marketing Success

Inbound Marketing

Did you feel that? That familiar vibration coming in your pocket, bringing notification of an important update. It may be a text message, a phone call or better yet, an update from your favorite app letting you know something cool just happened.


This is an exciting time for an inbound marketer because the wild new frontier of mobile marketing is just opening up. Inbound marketers feel like Captain Kirk at the helm of the Enterprise, embarking on a mission to “boldly go where no man has gone before and explore strange new worlds!”

The mobile inbound marketing world is expanding at warp speed and inbound marketers with creative and innovative content will be the ones to define what the new frontier looks like.

For those hearty souls heading into the unknown, here are four tips to help your mission be a success.

1. First, get the app. Consumers spend almost as much time on the apps on their phone as they do watching television; in fact many consumers play with their apps while watching television! The biggest key for developing a killer app is to make it useful. Vanity apps that only promote your company won’t do, your app needs to be customer focused and solve a need they have.

2. Second, be social. Make it easy for your customers to share their experience with your app. The best apps allow for the integration of social media login with the app, making it easy to access. This integration immediately gives users a sense of trust and comfort because it is like getting a recommendation from a trusted friend.

3. Third, be visual. Because reading on mobile devices is not always a pleasant experience, visual your content is easier to consume. Mobile users make up 40% of YouTube’s traffic, watching over two billion hours of video each month. When creating video content, keep it short and entertaining. No one likes buffering boring content.

4. Fourth, be optimized. Just like making sure your website content is prepared with SEO in mind, your apps need to be ASO or App Store Optimized. This is a relatively new offshoot of SEO, but one that can’t be overlooked. Because there are over 750,000 apps available in the various app stores, it is critical that you optimize your app specifically for the store it will be marketed on. Each platform - IOS and Google Play - has a slightly different approach to what they optimize for, but the fundamental principles are the same.

Inbound marketing has been the go-to strategy for web marketing for over five years now, so it makes sense that the core principles that make it work for the web will make it work for the mobile inbound marketing process.

Create quality content that delights your customers and they will come back for more while sharing the best of it with their social networks.

The world loves their smart phones and inbound marketers should embrace the platform because a killer app is the quickest way to a consumer’s heart and gives unprecedented access to their lives.

Inbound and mobile, seems like a match made in heaven.



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