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LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices For Image Size, Dimension, and Format

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You know that LinkedIn is a great way to generate and foster professional connections with others in your industry, but have you put much thought into your company's LinkedIn page?

Obviously, you want to put your best foot forward when you're representing your organization, and ensuring that your images are sized properly will lend an air of polish to your Company Page. If you're not sure which image sizes are considered standard, that's okay— we're here to help.Before we get started, let's define a few key terms that we'll be tossing around as we delve into the topic of properly sizing and formatting your LinkedIn Company Page images.  Specifically, we want to explain the terms dimensions, pixels, aspect ratio and file size.

Hang on! I don't want to get into all of the technical details! Take me to the easy-to-follow infographic, please!

Dimension: Image dimension is the length and width of the image, measured in pixels for digital images. If we say 180 x 180, that means 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall.

File size: The smaller the file size, the faster it loads. Example: 50kb photo will load much faster than a 700kb or 1MB photo. You can use tools like ImageOptim to reduce your file size without sacrificing much quality. For more about how to resize images, click here.

Format: This refers to the file type you save your image as. PNG is the recommended format for most types of image posting on LinkedIn, but they'll also permit you to post in JPEGs, too. 

Aspect ratio: The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width to the height of an image. For example, the aspect ratio of a square image is 1:1. This tool will help you change the width or height of an image, but preserve the aspect ratio, use this handy aspect ratio calculator!

Now you're up to speed with the lingo, so let's break it down.

Logo Image

Of course, your logo is a major part of your brand; it's important that you place it prominently upon your LinkedIn Company Page, and you want to be sure that it looks its best. At minimum, it must be 300 x 300. 

  • Recommended: 300 x 300
  • Recommended Format: PNG
  • Maximum File Size: 2MB

Banner Image

The banner image is a great way to introduce some color and action into your Company Page; you should keep it restricted to 646 x 220. 

  • Recommended size: 646 x 220
  • Landscape layout
  • Recommended Format: PNG
  • Maximum File Size: 2MB


Career Cover Image

LinkedIn's Career page works hand-in-hand with your Company Page; a polished, perfectly-sized image here will lend an air of professionalism to your page.  Please note— if you haven't enhanced your Company Page with Career Pages, you won't have access to all modules listed.

  • Recommend size: 1536 x 768
  • Landscape layout
  • Recommended Format: PNG


Hero Image for Showcase Pages

Each service or product you want to display on your LinkedIn Company Page will have a Showcase Page; here, you'll need to create and format a Hero Image, an image that will be the primary focus of the page. Please be aware that there could be text at the bottom of the Hero Image, so be sure that you choose an image with that in mind!

  • Recommended size: 974 x 330
  • Maximum File Size: 2MB
  • Recommended Format: PNG
  • Landscape layout linkedin_infographic.jpg

LinkedIn, like most social media platforms, is in what seems to be a constant state of change! We're in the process of creating  a series of posts and tools that will allow us all stay up-to-date with their latest changes. Check out our post here sharing the best practices for formatting images on Facebook. Stay tuned for more!

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