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How to Generate Leads Online Using Facebook Graph Search

Inbound Marketing

There’s been a lot of talk about the new Facebook Graph Search. What is Facebook Graph Search? I asked the same thing when I saw it on the news. Then I wondered: “How is this going to affect businesses and how they generate leads online?”

How Facebook Graph Search Works

Up until this point, Facebook’s only answered the questions “What’s going on?” through the Newsfeed and “Who is this?” through Timelines. But now Facebook Graph Search will allow people to query Facebook like a database. For instance, if someone wants to search tanning salons in the Dallas area they would specify these requirements through the Graph Search.

Facebook Similar To A Search Engine

Facebook has emphasized that search results will vary person to person because unlike traditional search engines, Facebook Graph Search only provides search results from the people, places, and pages you and your friends “Like.” Microsoft's Bing search results will also appear in the Facebook Graph Search. (Microsoft owns a 1.6 percent share of Facebook.) So although two people could type in the same search terms, search results will differ depending on who each person is connected to in the Facebook community.

What It Means for Generating Leads Online

Facebook Graph Search will be a fantastic tool for businesses to generate leads online. This new feature will make it easier for businesses to be found and because Facebook Graph Search results are based on friends that “Like” that page, your company’s authority increases. According to Forbes, 81% of US respondents indicated that friends’ social media posts directly influenced their purchase decision.

The Must-Haves in Using Facebook Graph Search

  1. Accurate Information. With Facebook Graph Search people will be able to find you through their Facebook friends, so it’s important all your information is correct and up-to date. You can’t generate leads online if you’re not attracting the right audience.
  2. Likes. "Likes" will be more critical than ever because Facebook Graph Search results are directly correlated to how many people "Like" your page.
  3. Engagement. We’ve always known how important user engagement is for attracting leads online, but now with Facebook Graph Search it will be even more relevant. It’s yet to be determined exactly which types of engagement will have the most affect but being tagged, having comments and shares, and checking in will have a large influence for getting leads online. This is because user engagement determines the Facebook page’s visibility. How do you prompt your target audience to share?
  4. Location Tags. Location will be a heavy factor for Facebook Graph Search results. This means having employees and Fans checking in will become more relevant.

Social media has been an enormous influence on consumer habits and now, with Facebook Graph Search, there are even more opportunities for generating leads online.

What is the current health of your company Facebook page? Is your target audience finding your page relevant and memorable enough to "Like?"

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