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How Monitoring Lead Nurturing Campaigns Will Convert Leads Online

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Design Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns for a Return on Marketing Investment

lead nurturing campaigns memeLead nurturing campaigns are a critical part of any digital marketing strategy. As you know, to generate a return on marketing investment there needs to be conversions (websites visitors to leads and leads to customers). I’m going to share with you three lead nurturing campaigns that, with the right strategy, have great potential to convert your qualified marketing leads and generate a lucrative return on marketing investment.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns that Convert Leads Online

  1. Offers. With complex marketing systems such as HubSpot your online offers can reflect the website page viewers’ interest. Your company probably provides more than one product or service. If a website visitor is browsing your site for cameras, you want to provide that visitor with other offers based on that interest rather than an unrelated product. Companies that implement lead nurturing campaigns well can see landing pages convert anywhere from 20% to 40% of webpage visitors. Sometimes even more for those who keep improving their strategy.
  2. Drip marketing. One way we see companies generate a generous return on marketing investment is through the implementation of a strong drip marketing strategy. Especially with the rise in use of mobile devices, emails have become more critical than ever for converting leads online. That’s why it’s imperative that when a website visitor becomes a lead through one of your offers, your emails are tailored to their interests.
  3. Social media. Updates are not a one fits all with social networks. People interact differently with each social network and in most cases only utilize a few networks versus all of them. That’s why it’s important to monitor your sources of traffic so you can know which social networks are actually bringing in that return on marketing investment and are worth utilizing in lead nurturing campaigns.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns' Analytics

A return on marketing investment is unlikely for those who don’t monitor the efforts of their lead nurturing campaigns. You have to understand your audience and know what offers at what times make the highest conversions. That’s why I’m stressing the importance of using an analytics software.

Return on Marketing Investment Tips

The learning curve on this type of software is intensive. Even though I’m sure you’re eager to start monitoring your lead nurturing campaigns to verify you’re implementing the right strategy, I suggest before making any purchases that you make sure you have the right people to use the software and develop your lead nurturing campaigns. You can lose a tremendous amount of return on marketing investment through not using the software to its full capacity. You need to make sure whoever is responsible for monitoring your lead nurturing campaigns is a subject matter expert. Otherwise their salary will eat up any return on marketing investment you had hoped your lead nurturing campaigns would generate.



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