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Killer List Segmentation Tips for More Efficient Sales

Inbound Marketing

Generating efficient sales is one of the fundamentals of business strategy. If you are pursuing potential clients that aren’t interested in your service, then you aren’t just irritating them, but you’re wasting time that could be better spent getting qualified hits on your website. That doesn't equal efficient sales. The solution? List segmentation.

A business cliché is that no two customers are the same. This may be true in many ways, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have similarities. Customers are all looking for solutions that will assist them in a unique way. If you can identify these traits, and create a list segmentation that addresses some of the themes, correspondence with customers will become more focused and you will generate efficient sales.

Targeting Audiences for Efficient Sales

If you want to optimize how you are handling customers and make more efficient sales, list segmentation can be your best friend. It’s a simple idea- you take your website hits, potential leads, or database of clients and segment them. Instead of having one large group that receives the same generalized email, you can focus your outreach and appeal to each audience on a more intimate level. By making these lists target an audience more specifically, you can be sure that the recipient of these messages is obtaining information that is relevant to them. List segmentation is like revising and editing for your customer database. The idea is to make the content more relevant, and help the customer find the product or service that they need. Instead of simply throwing all of your wares and hoping they look long enough to see something they need, you can have the clients automatically assigned to segmented lists that focus their interests. This funneling process leads to more efficient sales.

It can be hard to decide on ways to segment your audience into groups. Here are a few ways to do it to refine what you’re looking for in a customer base. The first thing to identify when you are looking to segment lists is identifying your target groups. Are you looking for 25-year-old professionals? Or maybe your target is companies making over $1 million a year? Maybe geographic location is your priority? Most of this information can be obtained through the tracking software provided by most website hosts. By isolating the traits you are looking for in customers, you can more adequately tailor your strategy to make efficient sales.

Effective ways to segment lists for more efficient sales:

  • Separate qualified from unqualified hits
  • Don’t make your segments too large
  • Make the target group specific
  • Make the segment unique

How to Implement List Segmentation Into Your Marketing Strategy

It all has to do with your landing pages. Offers are how you generate leads online, and it's through forms that visitors collect on your offer. What you put on your landing page forms dictates the information you receive, and they can be as general or specific as you want them to be. Our advice? Make them specific if you want efficient sales. Ask questions that determine if a lead is qualified, so that they are easy to segment into different email lists. Don't be afraid to ask revenue questions, or job titles. If you think asking more than name and email address will make your conversion rate start slacking, think again--if you ask a small number of highly targeted qualification questions, you won't see conversion rates dip at all.
If you're creating content that people find valuable and want access to, visitors will not think twice about giving more than just their contact information. That improves the way you interact with your visitors, it gives you more efficient sales, and it improves the experience for everybody. Why send unqualified leads bottom of funnel offers? Why not send them more educational offers and help them grow their business, so that one day they might be qualified?
Now you're using marketing strategy. Feels good, doesn't it?

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