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Is Marketing's Role Now Expected to Extend Across the Entire Funnel?

Inbound Marketing

blog-header_Nikole-team-blog_marketing-role-across-funnel.pngRunning my first 400-meter relay on my high school track team was one of my most frustrating & vivid memories. I was excited and ready to run as fast as my body could take me. I'm a very competitive person by nature so I was determined to win. Unfortunately all my dreams of winning disappeared immediately as the starting gun went off. Nearly immediately I couldn't believe how much further everyone else was from me. I felt complete defeat when halfway through my 100 meter's I was seeing runners already passing the baton to their next runner. What a huge sense of relief it was to finally get to our next runner and pass that baton on. I was done - I was exhausted... but now I'm done. The responsibility was someone else's now to take our team past the finish line.

I've thought of this often when I think of marketing & sales. Marketing generates a lead, hands it off to sales and we cheer them on as they take that lead across the finish line and we both cheer with success as we win! Right?

This might be a way a marketer thinks - but it's sure not the way the sales team thinks. A huge opportunity exists but it requires the marketer to stay fully engaged in the whole process supporting sales all the way through to revenue. 

Marketing has a sales problem...

As marketers, we get really excited about all the great work we've done. Look at the beautiful website we launched, the content we've created, the social following we've grown and even the new leads we've generated! But when it comes time to justify the marketing spend and answer what the impact was to revenue we look at the sales team searching for answers about whatever happened to those leads. Often times the answers are something like "Oh, those leads were bad" or "What leads - I don't recall those leads?". And, we're stuck. What is there to do?

Sales is tough - I know, I've spent many years in sales. I'm confident very few marketers would like to take on the sales role! 

Marketers - we need to have more ownership in the revenue.

We need to think like the sales team - understanding their challenges and working towards supporting the sales team through the whole sales process.

I heard a stat recently that sales people spend over 30% of their time creating content. This is non-selling time! But, here we are as marketers creating great content on a daily basis. According to HubSpot less than 10% of marketing content gets used in the sales process. Wow - what a huge area of opportunity for marketers to help support sales teams.

Are we marketers training sales people how to talk to inbound leads? Helping them to understand the leads mindset when they may have downloaded an E-Book so they know how to better have that conversation so they're perceived as helpful... and not pushy?

Here at Mojo, we work with many of our clients through the whole marketing funnel. Since we started doing this about 9 months ago, the relationships with our clients is much stronger because we're literally at the table with the sales teams and are now really understanding what their pains are and how we can help them. Sales people don't typically get a lot of support - it's pretty gratifying to be able to see the true appreciation for it. And, the business results are there to prove it's working.

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