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Is Link Building a Dead Phenomenon?

Inbound Marketing

Many webmasters and search engine optimizers are saying that link building is a dead phenomenon. There are even those that say that search engine optimization as a whole is already dead. But is this really the case? Is there no more hope for search engine optimization in the coming days?

Ever since its invention, links have remained to be the backbone of search engines. Internet users know about the existence of web pages as they search for information online with the use of links. So links will still remain as the most important factor that will allow the search engines to crawl through, sort out, and rank up web pages.

Google has always welcomed link building and search engine optimization for as long as it is qualitative and constructive. However, the problem today is that many webmasters have been playing with mechanical algorithms. They have become so good at it that they are now even gaining mileage of these algorithms.

Links still continue to be important and relevant but with its abuse and manipulation, other metrics and signals have already surfaced. One example of this is the metrics and signals from social media spaces which have more weight-age with links.

Google Says: Be Careful

In an event that was organized by Search Engine Land, Google Span Team head Matt Cutts stressed that back links remain to be the backbone of their search algorithm, although they are considering other metrics and signals as well.

He said that for as long as a webmaster’s link portfolio is fair and fine, they would consider it. However, the moment that these people over-optimize and play with their mechanical search algorithm, they will have no choice but to devalue the strength of their links.

One of these over-optimization problems is the use of spammy infographics that are misleading and fail to provide the users the information that they are looking for. They are actually visually appealing and will be of great help for link building but there are those that do not work on its intent and content. Sometimes, they can even get off of the topic and provide biased information.

This goes to show that link building and search engine optimization is not yet dead as of the moment, although their execution has greatly changed.

It is important that every search engine optimization campaign is qualitative and, at the same time, constructive. It should give value to both search engines and end users.

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