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Infographics Are the New Black (and White)

Inbound Marketing

Compelling content can be defined as clear and specific. Doesn’t this statement imply a string of bulleted points projected on a screen or a well-crafted paragraph in plain black and white?

Yes they do — to a very bored audience.

Everyone wants to be engaged with the content you compose, so why not help your audience's short attention span get involved by offering them visuals? In the case of potential fatigue-worthy statistical information, deploying a graphic within your copy to illustrate how awesome your data really is, can make a tremendous impact on the credibility of your article.

So how can you jazz up your effective inbound marketing content and just get to the point?


Sure, they’ve been around since the cavemen days, the Egyptians certainly made good use of them, and perhaps you know them as pie charts, bar graphs and other assorted pictograms. But how convincing are these commonly deployed figures? According to graphic industry gear heads, visual storytelling with information graphics will solve your business communication challenges and get your message noticed, understood and retained.

Sounds easy, right? Well, the answer is as simple as the tools you use to create your content. Not everyone is a Picasso; consumer tools such as Powerpoint and Word have built-in functionality to create simple graphics, and also have a wide variety of third-party templates available that can liven up your report or presentation in a snap. There are also several free online infographic creation apps and websites to help you experiment with data visualization like a pro.

Furthermore, infographics are more than just charts and graphs. Get creative! Use photography, typography and other design elements. Using infographics to help explain, illustrate, and define your facts and data will assist you in connecting with your target audience by seizing their attention.

Infographics make complex information eye catching, shareable and easily digestible. Most importantly, infographics are part of an effective inbound marketing optimized page.



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