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3 Proven Strategies to Increase Conversion Rates Overnight

Inbound Marketing

"Whats your conversion rate?" It's a question that many webmasters have a hard time answering because they don't track, test and refine their landing pages to squeeze every last penny from their visitors.

Why Conversions?

With Pinterest, SEO and traffic generation all the rage it's easy to forget the importance of maximizing conversions. But how else can you literally bump up your profits by 10%, 20% or even 40% literally overnight? That kind of increase simply isn't possible any other way.

I'm going to show you three real-life case studies of websites that dramatically increased their conversions (and profits) by making dead-simple changes to their site.

Claim New Real Estate

If you take the time to analyze how people interact with your site (by using services like GetClicky.com or Google Analytics), then you have probably noticed that a surprising amount of folks visit those "other" pages on your site, such as your About Us page and Terms and Condition page. Why not take advantage of that traffic by adding a form, button or link on those pages as well?

Be Human

When you want people to reach out to you it's crucial that you appear as a warm blooded person --not a faceless corporation. As reported here, the blogger behind Emptymind.org recently replaces an icon of a phone on their contact us page with a picture of the site owner and boosted conversions by 48%.

This is the kind of intuitive change that we somehow miss but can make a huge difference in conversions. Think of ways other ways that you can make the process of getting in touch with you easier.

Create Long Pages When You Sell

A common myth is that with people's time more scarce then ever, you need to quickly pitch them on every landing page. This makes sense, but SEOMoz found that their long page that told the visitor the many benefits they would get from using their service significantly outperformed their short and sweet page.

The lesson? Don't be afraid of giving your visitor lots of reasons to join. Opt-in pages should be to the point. But if you expect someone to buy something, you need to give them lots of information to do so.

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