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Inbound Recruitment

Inbound Marketing

Just as inbound marketing gets better results, inbound recruiting can ramp up your hiring.

You already know the reasons to leave outbound marketing behind.

Inbound marketing— providing great content that attracts an audience—is always going to produce better results than interrupting people to force your ad on them.

The same principle applies to inbound recruiting. It’s easier to hire great employees is when the right person is ready to come to work for you at the right time…the time that you need them.

Inbound Is Inbound

You use the same process for both inbound marketing and inbound recruiting.

You create a community of fans.

  • Offer them fresh, compelling content.
  • Nurture and develop their interest.
  • Track and measure their engagement.

Use the voice of your satisfied employees to show how rewarding it is to work for you. Let them tell others that you provide your people the support and resources they need to rise to challenges and solve complex problems. The resulting community is going to be a group that admires your business enough to want to work with you. LinkedIn’s Talent Blog claims that up to seventy percent of the people following your company’s page are interested in your job openings.

The result is that when you need to fill an opening, you already have the attention of the people you want to respond, people who like your culture and appreciate your employer brand.

Hiring The Wrong Person Is Expensive

Hiring is expensive. Period. Interview time, orientation, and training all cost money. Hiring the wrong person is exponentially more costly, if only because you have to do it again and again. There are different estimates on the actual cost:

That’s a staggering amount, even before you consider the demoralizing effect of employee turnover.

Robert Half, the world’s largest accounting and finance staffing firm, conducted a survey of 1400 executives. The survey showed that the most common reasons leading to employee replacement, besides performance issues, are poorly matched skills and unclear performance objectives. Jean Gamble & Associates, another recruitment powerhouse, adds that clashing with the organization’s culture is another critical issue.

Turn Your Website Into A Employee Generating Machine

Inbound recruiting certainly eliminates the problem of cultural misfits, because you’re starting with a community made up of individuals who already admire your culture. Since you’ve allowed your employees their voice, they’ve helped define the job and described, from an insider’s perspective, what it takes to perform it well. That takes care of skills match and performance objectives.

Inbound recruiting neatly eliminates the top three issues that contribute to bad hiring decisions.



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