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Inbound Marketing Intern Spotlight: Pedro Palacios

Inbound Marketing

Hello world! This is Pedro Palacios and I am a marketing senior at UT Dallas. I have had the opportunity to be part of the Mojo team since January 2014, and man, what a ride! So, I suppose I’d like to start this post by briefly explaining who I am and why I’m here. Why, of all things you can possibly do at the age of 22, I am here writing a blog about interning at a digital marketing agency such as Mojo Media Labs instead.

Career Search Optimization

Early in my college career I realized I wasn’t a normal person. No, I am not extremely good at one thing. There isn’t one exact thing that I am passionate about, or one single thing I see myself doing for the rest of my life. I am just that kind of guy. So, as you can imagine finding a career path was not an easy task.

All I knew was if I was going to dedicate my life to one field, it had to give me the opportunity to satisfy my needs. I needed a career that required me to be creative, analytical, strategic, curious and most importantly, it needed to be in constant change.

Sound familiar? I soon learned that digital marketing and advertising was the exact match for me. In this field, I was guaranteed the challenge, the uncertainty, and the rewarding sensations of a contemporary job. After lurking the realm of unemployment and college student bankruptcy, I stumbled upon a treasure. Or, in other words, the guidance of my digital marketing professor and mentor Alex Edsel, who kindly directed me to the doors of this wonderful place we like to call Mojo Media Labs.

Life at Mojo

Previous to my participation here at Mojo, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a social media intern and a local search contractor in other organizations. I knew what digital marketing was all about before coming in. However, at Mojo I’ve learned HOW to do digital marketing. In the one and a half months here, I have been exposed to so many concepts and ideas that books and teachers simply don’t take the time to communicate. The work that you do here at Mojo goes beyond a letter grade or a recommendation letter.

What I’ve Learned and Taken out of the Internship

1. Lead generation process and sales funnel tactics

2. Content marketing strategy

3. How to create remarkable content

4. FREE Extensive Hubspot portal training (Yes, FREE!)

5. Email marketing, form creation and call to action design

6. Wordpress blog management

7. Basic/ mid-level/advanced HTML (Depends how far you’re willing to go)

8. Website optimization & keyword strategy

9. General office operations (Time management, project management, advanced printing skills, advanced lunch break strategy, etc…)

The office environment of Mojo is like no other that I have been to and the support you get from the open setting is unmatchable. Seriously, I could just yell out loud a question and I would have multiple people around me ready to answer and help. I don’t think there is anywhere else where this is possible.

It’s a Little Awkward. Not Mojo, I mean me. Sorry. Man, that was Awkward.

If there’s one word to describe the life of a 22 year old, it’s AWKWARD. Not socially awkward, but career-based awkwardness. At this age, school has given us 95% of all the knowledge we need to know to call ourselves “alumni” and yet there is so much left to truly be able to call ourselves “professionals”. Being an intern helps you to fully understand this disconnect and more than anything, it helps you comprehend that you never stop learning.

Mojo Media Labs has provided me with an excellent opportunity to reach my full potential and truly become aware of what I need to work on to reach my career goals.

I believe that by walking into this office every morning, I am a few steps closer to being able to call myself a “Digital Marketer.”

If you’re interested in an internship at Mojo Media Labs, please click here to learn about new opportunities.


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