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Inbound Marketing and the Dallas Social Scene

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing and the Dallas Social Scene

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. YouTube. Instagram. We've all heard of the sites, and I can guarantee that most of your potential customers are on at least one of them throughout the day. Businesses know this and have been utilizing social media tactics more and more with their inbound marketing strategies. In fact, as of 2012, 80% of social network users have preferred connecting with brands through sites such as Facebook, and 83% of marketers view social media as an important part of their inbound marketing strategy success!

If you aren't utilizing social media for your inbound marketing strategy, your business' online presence is suffering. Social media offers organizations the perfect outlet for:

  • Increasingbrand awareness through targeting a specific demographic
  • Providing followers and fans of relevant news and events
  • Engaging with potential and current clients
  • Fosters a positive company image.

Inbound Marketing to Increase Brand Awareness in Dallas

Social media is the perfect forum for targeting a specific demographic to increase your brand awareness. Let's say, for example, that you own a company in the Dallas area that targets clients in the Dallas area. Would you advertise for your brand to individuals who live in, say, Anchorage, Alaska?


One of the major strategies inbound marketing utilizes in the realm of social media is brand awareness for a targeted audience. Dallas itself has a strong social presence, and its ever-increasing population make it the ideal location for raising brand awareness, especially online through social media. Targeted advertisements for your brand to social users in the area will help bring awareness to your brand.

What's the 411?

The social media aspect of inbound marketing also provides organizations the opportunity to keep their audience informed of any updates or relevant news. Will your food truck be in the Las Colinas area on Monday? Tweet it! Was your business featured in an article in the Dallas Morning News? Post the article on Facebook!

Not only do social media sites allow you to promote your brand image, it also allows your followers, both potential and current customers, to stay informed of you and your organization. This inbound marketing strategy also allows your message to remain fresh in the minds of your audience.

Talk to Me, Dallas

If your business successfully operates in the Dallas area, people are talking about you! Give people a platform for their voices to be heard. This inbound marketing technique provides your company the perfect opportunity to stimulate engagement with you and your brand and allows them to promote you through the media platforms to their followers and friends as well.

Keeping it Real

Another crucial element to inbound marketing with social media is the creation and maintenance of your brand's image. The content you post through these social media accounts gives your brand a voice--how do you want your Dallas audience to perceive you? Are you cool and professional? Sassy and witty? Current and informed? You have the power to shape and maintain your image through your social media account.

Inbound Marketing for a Modern Age

With more and more people logging on to social media accounts daily in the Dallas area, the promotion of businesses using the online inbound marketing techniques is crucial bringing success to your business. The Dallas region is filled with people waiting for businesses like you to come along--don't let them be swept up online by your competitors!

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