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Inbound: It’s not Just for Leads You Know

Inbound Marketing

What are the most pressing issues facing your company? Is it sales leads? Is it brand awareness? When you think of inbound marketing, these are some of the areas it typically address. This makes sense, because this is inbound marketing’s bread and butter. But what if I told you that it can do a lot more?

The techniques of inbound marketing can be adapted to help achieve a wide variety of business goals that are tied to attracting the right people. Here are a few that readily come to mind:

Attracting Great Employees

What if I told you that inbound marketing can be used to find your next star employee? The same methods and techniques used to attract buyers, can be used to attract employees. The tools, social channels, content and even blogging can be used to attract and qualify job candidates. Developing inbound content and campaigns with the principle end of finding the right people is a great way to solve the oftentimes daunting tasking of find the best help.

Developing Your Distribution Channel

Finding distributors can be critical to an organization’s success. Inbound marketing is a great way to attract these folks and to grow your organization’s vital channels. Developing content and creating campaigns to target the appropriate people can provide you with a distinct competitive advantage in a high stakes market segment.

Attracting Franchisees

If your business uses a franchise model, there is nothing more important than attracting high quality franchise candidates, and inbound can help. Targeting the right “buyers” and developing campaigns to nurture them through their decision cycle can have an outsized effect on the quality and quantity of franchisees you acquire. The key is understanding and targeting the right personas and targeting them with the right content and calls-to-action.

Attracting the Press

For products and services that rely on user reviews, one of the best ways to get a good volume of authoritative reviewers is to target press contacts in the industry. This can be a bit tricky and takes a lot of time and thought, but I have seen it be very successful for my clients. The key is to use the right mix of inbound marketing and outreach to draw them in. Fostering these types of relationships can yield huge dividends.

I would encourage you to think more creatively about inbound and what it can do. The limits of inbound, it would seem, are what your mind can imagine and create.

If your business goal is related to attracting the right people, the strategy, tools and techniques of inbound can be used to help reach that goal. If you’d like to discuss what inbound can do for your company, let’s talk.


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