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Inbound ’15 Brought a Slew of New Tools for HubSpot Users: Here Are Our 5 Favorite Announcements

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Inbound 2015

With every year, HubSpot brings a bigger and better Inbound Conference, and with it, bigger and better marketing tools. This year’s new features and products have caused quite a buzz, and here at the Mojo Media Labs offices, some very avid discussions about which tools are the most exciting. Here is what we’ve decided are the things to look forward to from HubSpot’s Inbound ’15 announcements:

1. The HubSpot Website Platform

As the resident user experience fanatic, this announcement is my personal favorite. We’ve done some beta testing here at Mojo, so I’ve gotten to work with this tool first hand. Gone are the days of estimating where your content is going to land, or if that color scheme is going to work as well as you thought.

The user interface has taken some adjusting, and there are some glitches that need to be worked out in certain modules (namely sliders), but the ability to edit live and see your edits is a great user experience for any COS developer testing their templates.

The tool isn’t as intuitive as one would like—there were some in office concerns about the hover editing—but for a new release, the outcomes are greater than the issues, especially with live rendering, sizing, and arrangement. The step by step development is great as well, as it makes sure you don’t miss those little SEO items before you push your page live, and the less bulky streamlined interface makes it easier to know and see what you are editing without having to scroll up and down your modules.

2. The Reporting Add On

This feature was deemed most interesting by our content manager, Jody, and I certainly agree with her on its potential. We at Mojo Media Labs have long said that marketing is the marriage of the creative and the analytical, and while most marketing is focused on the former, it’s the latter that validates our efforts.

We’ve made some attempts at optimizing our reporting in house, but having additional HubSpot resources is sure to bring much ease to the process. HubSpot is all about the marketing funnel, and now you get to measure it.

For now, Reporting is only an add-on and to be included with Enterprise, but we’re excited for it to expand. The already existing sources report can be a beneficial tool, but having multiple dashboards and more integrated analytics that looks at trends for things like blogs can be all the difference in knowing what content is resonating and what content needs to go. Having more options with the presentation aspects of reporting i.e. different types of graphs, is exciting too, and can really help identify different variables in your marketing efforts.

3. HubSpot Connect

Integration is the future of all technology, and while HubSpot already had some pretty great existing integrations, the ability to connect to Teamwork has brought lots of excitement for our Project Manager, Jess. As you may (or may not) know, working at a marketing agency is incredibly fast paced, and it’s up to our amazing project managers to keep us on deadline and on task.

Pulling information from multiple sources can be incredibly time consuming when laying out new projects, but with this new integration (for Chrome only at the moment) creating teamwork projects straight from HubSpot and linking items to tasks will sure be a time saver for Jess.

4. The Ads Ad-On

Working with advertising is a tedious process. There’s a lot of learning of what works and doesn’t work for a campaign, which words to target, and how to track the information of your campaign to know your success.

The HubSpot Ads ad-on hopes to eliminate much of that guess work. Now you can create and build your campaigns for both AdWords and LinkedIn within your HubSpot portal, and HubSpot reports on your conversions.

HubSpot also offers optimization tips built into the tool to help even an ad beginner see conversion and success off the bat.

5. The “Easy Initiative”

As I mentioned earlier, Mojo has been a beta tester for many items on the easy initiative, and other than your standard beta glitches, we are big fans of the changes.

Step by step setup, faster rendering, and performance analysis are some of the things we have been most excited about using thus far. The inline editing has been quite helpful for the whole team, and the workflow changes have been incredibly useful in our complex nurture campaigns for clients.

As with all new things, it’s taken some adjustment to find and locate the new aspects of the tool, but the simple new UI has been a great help in our implementation across all aspects of HubSpot and has my inner design nerd gushing.

That’s the Mojo assessment of the best of the Inbound announcements. Which tools are you looking forward to most?

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